Usage examples for northern

  1. " Miss Woodburn is wild for a real Northern winter," Mrs. Leighton explained. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  2. Such cooperation also exists in the northern states. – Community Civics and Rural Life by Arthur W. Dunn
  3. The Irish were the only people of northern Europe who had remained true to the old religion. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  4. They are all aware that in that remote northern country navigation closes very early and that after the last boat leaves there is no possibility of getting out of that region until navigation opens again in the next season. – Elementary Theosophy by L. W. Rogers
  5. Mr. Compton is a Northern man, and he has gone to join the Northern army. – Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches by Joel Chandler Harris
  6. It is easy enough for you Northern folks to be loyal to the old flag, but it is as much as one's life is worth down here. – Marcy The Blockade Runner by Harry Castlemon
  7. My people had money, and to spare, and with it a hard- headed, Northern horse- sense. – Friday, the Thirteenth by Thomas W. Lawson
  8. Hereward halted his knights upon the down outside the northern gate. – Hereward, The Last of the English by Charles Kingsley
  9. Now another was heard, and in a short time we reached the northern end of the island, having completely passed over it. – In the Wilds of Africa by W.H.G. Kingston
  10. January 10.- At day- break we distinguished eight sail on the northern horizon. – Ismailia by Samuel W. Baker
  11. If Northern men expected in this way to build up a northern party in the South, they were gravely mistaken. – The Sequel of Appomattox A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States, Volume 32 In The Chronicles Of America Series by Walter Lynwood Fleming
  12. On the northern shore of this lake lived a Lion, King of Beasts. – More Jataka Tales by Re-told by Ellen C. Babbitt
  13. It is a sad fact that there are very few children in northern France. – Average Americans by Theodore Roosevelt
  14. What company is it- the Northern Pacific? – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  15. She proceeded the same day to Niagara, and returned on Tuesday afternoon, with a number of American ladies and gentlemen making the Northern tour. – Toronto of Old by Henry Scadding
  16. Is he a Northern man? – Frank on the Lower Mississippi by Harry Castlemon
  17. Probably he had lived abroad in a hot climate, she reflected; that deep bronze was never the achievement of an elusive northern sun. – The Vision of Desire by Margaret Pedler