Definitions of north

  1.   any region lying in or toward the north
  2.   One of the cardinal points, directly opposite to the sun in the meridian; region to the north.
  3.   situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; " artists like north light"; " the north portico"
  4.   Specifically: That part of the United States lying north of Mason and Dixon's line. See under Line.
  5.   Lying toward the north; situated at the north, or in a northern direction from the point of observation or reckoning; proceeding toward the north, or coming from the north.
  6.   the direction in which a compass needle points
  7.   the region of the United States lying north of the Mason- Dixon line
  8.   The point opposite the sun at noon: one of the four cardinal points of the horizon.
  9.   Toward the north; northerly.
  10.   To turn or move toward the north; to veer from the east or west toward the north.
  11.   Point or region opposite the sun at noon.
  12.   That one of the four cardinal points of the compass, at any place, which lies in the direction of the true meridian, and to the left hand of a person facing the east; the direction opposite to the south.
  13.   British statesman under George III whose policies led to rebellion in the American colonies ( 1732- 1792)
  14.   To the north; as, walk north one block: North Star, the star toward which the northern end of the earth's axis points.
  15.   One of the four cardinal points; the parts lying towards the north pole of the earth; the direction towards the north pole- in the northern hemisphere, the direction opposite the sun at noon- in the southern, the parts in the direction of the sun at noon.
  16.   Any country or region situated farther to the north than another; the northern section of a country.
  17.   Lying toward or in the north.
  18.   Northward.
  19.   Pertaining to, situated in, or coming from, the north; as, a north wind.
  20.   Pertaining to, or situated in, the north.
  21.   Any region north of a given point.
  22.   in a northern direction; " they earn more up north"; " Let's go north!"
  23.   the United States ( especially the northern states during the American Civil War); " he has visited every state in the Union"; " Lee hoped to detach Maryland from the Union"; " the North's superior resources turned the scale"
  24.   the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees
  25.   One of the four points of the compass; the point opposite to the south, or to the left of a person facing the sunrise; a section of country lying north of another; as, the north of Europe: North, that part of the United States lying north of the southern boundary line of Pennsylvania.
  26.   Northern. North star, the north polar star.
  27.   Being in the north.
  28.   Issuing from the north.
  29.   One of the four cardinal points of the compass; at the left hand of an observer who faces the east; oposed to south.

Antonyms for north

southeast, southwestern, southmost, southeasterly, southernmost, south, southeastward, southerly, southwesterly, south-west, south-east, southbound, southern, southwestward, south-central, southeastern, southwest, southward.

Quotes of north

  1. In this context the British and Irish governments will have to promote a new, imaginative and dynamic alternative in which both governments will share power in the north – Gerry Adams
  2. Major North has had for years complete power over these Indians and can do more with them than any man living. – Buffalo Bill
  3. I went to professional men's soccer games, the old North American soccer league at that time, and I used to be a ticket holder with my family and family friends. We would go every weekend and I thought it was great, but I just thought of it as recreation, as family fun. – Brandi Chastain
  4. Materialism has never been so ominous as now in North America, as management takes over. – Arthur Erickson
  5. The greatest threat to the security of the people of North Korea comes from the government of North Korea. – Ari Fleischer
  6. At the end of all this, Russia held in her hands a vast belt of land running from the Baltic sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south, comprising eleven nations with a population of 100 million people. – John T. Flynn
  7. Shaking hands with the Queen of England was a long way from being forced to sit in the colored section of the bus going into downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. – Althea Gibson
  8. In North Carolina nobody bothers us; we're all about concentrating on the work or our auditions that we're trying to get a flight out for. So all that crap is not something that I'm confronted with on a daily basis. – Katie Holmes
  9. As soon as the news of the Cabot voyages reached the King of Portugal he arranged to send an expedition of discovery to the far north -west, perhaps to find a northern sea route to Eastern Asia. – Harry Johnston
  10. Whether or not all this came to pass in an East African ditch, I wouldn't like to say. Perhaps it happened in North Africa or further west, but Africa was definitely the place. – Richard Leakey
  11. There is an Islamic population in France, most of which comes from the North African countries. – Jean-Marie Le Pen
  12. We should declare war on North Vietnam. We could pave the whole country and put parking strips on it, and still be home by Christmas. – Ronald Reagan
  13. I presume that nobody will deny the positive aspects of the North American cultural world. These are well known to all. But these aspects do not make one forget the disastrous effects of the industrial and commercial process of 'cultural lamination' that the USA is perpetrating on the planet. – Jose Saramago
  14. We have treated our most serious adversaries, such as Iran and North Korea, in the most juvenile manner- by giving them the silent treatment. In so doing, we have weakened, not strengthened, our bargaining position and our leadership. – Theodore C. Sorensen
  15. The North Sea was supposed to run out in the 1980s. Then in the 1990s. And now production is still on -line. – Daniel Yergin

Usage examples for north

  1. “ " I did not see him take the road, but he was beside the north end of the wood when I saw him last. ” – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. The first is the country north of the Zambesi. ” – Impressions of South Africa by James Bryce
  3. But my eyes were on the north – Greenmantle by John Buchan
  4. From the north or south? ” – Round the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne
  5. The next move came from the north – Fine Books by Alfred W. Pollard
  6. He looked toward the north – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  7. If you know New York very well indeed, you have guessed already that it was the north end of Central Park which the fairies had found. ” – Fairies and Folk of Ireland by William Henry Frost
  8. “ " Let us walk north toward Greenbushes. ” – Her Mother's Secret by Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  9. This he set in the one window of the room which faced the north and west. ” – Pierre And His People, [Tales of the Far North], Volume 5. by Gilbert Parker
  10. Ye that fly to the north – The Eternal Maiden by T. Everett Harré
  11. Somewhere in the North wasn't it? ” – The Lure of the North by Harold Bindloss
  12. We can go on the south side of it as well as the north – A Boy's Ride by Gulielma Zollinger
  13. How are they in the north – A People's Man by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  14. All th' real 'Merikens comes from the North wheer New York is. ” – T. Tembarom by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  15. Me hand's not light enough for that, Misther North – Empire Builders by Francis Lynde
  16. But if I go there-" and he pointed into the north I go with you. ” – The Grizzly King by James Oliver Curwood
  17. This very day I start for the North – Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life by Ann S. Stephens
  18. “ Grinton is reached first, and is older than Reeth, which is a short distance north of the river. ” – Yorkshire Painted And Described by Gordon Home
  19. “ " The North is too big for you, Miss Elliston. ” – The Gun-Brand by James B. Hendryx

Idioms for north