Usage examples for Norte

  1. Soon after, they re- entered the mountain defile, and, once more heading north- westward, silently continued on for the valley of the Rio del Norte. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  2. General Zachary Taylor, who had served in the War of 1812, and afterward in several Indian wars, took command of the army in Texas in 1845. In January, 1846, he was ordered to occupy positions on or near the left bank of the Rio Grande del Norte. – The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 by Charles Francis Horne
  3. Most of them were aware of the fact that there was a state of war between the North and the South; and their sympathies were altogether with our side; for no earthly reason, probably, except that they entertained the blind hatred against the " Norte Americanos" so prevalent among the Latin race on this continent, and supposed the people of the South to be of different origin. – The Narrative of a Blockade-Runner by John Wilkinson
  4. The Tinguian tribe numbers about twenty thousand individuals, most of whom are found in the sub- province of Abra, and in the mountains of Ilocos Sur and Norte. – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  5. In fact, Stark, the public- health surgeon at Puerto del Norte, let fall a hint that makes me think he's on his way now. – The Unspeakable Perk by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  6. From it are surveyed Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota south and west of the Missouri, Wyoming, and all of Colorado except the valley of the Rio Grande del Norte. – Studies in Civics by James T. McCleary
  7. Then came Escobedo and his Legion del Norte, but they kept behind the hills. – The Missourian by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
  8. The first day of our march was spent in crossing the Rio Grande del Norte and making camp four miles beyond the opposite landing. – Captured by the Navajos by Charles A. Curtis
  9. And this is equally true of the religion, which, with all the varieties impressed upon it by the special genius or inclinations of the diverse peoples, reveals itself as resting upon one common basis, from the Isthmus of Panama to the Gulf of California and the mouths of the Rio del Norte. – Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated by the Native Religions of Mexico and Peru by Albert Réville
  10. To obtain this he intends going on to the Del Norte- if need be, to Albuquerque itself. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  11. In such a community there were sure to be numbers of men anxious to take part in any enterprise that united the chance of great pecuniary gain with the certainty of even greater personal risk, and both these conditions were fulfilled in the trading expeditions pushed out from Missouri across the trackless wastes lying between it and the fringe of Mexican settlements on the Rio del Norte. – Thomas Hart Benton by Theodore Roosevelt
  12. Thus three of the categories were " del Norte," " del Este," " del Sur." – The Aboriginal Population of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California by S. F. Cook
  13. The opening faced directly east, and from it one could look miles over the desert of sand lying between the foot of the range and the Rio Grande del Norte, something like a hundred miles away. – Boy Scouts in Mexico; or On Guard with Uncle Sam by G. Harvey Ralphson
  14. Adams, who interrupted him, was instantly put upon the defensive by a citation from the argument which he himself, as Secretary of State, had made in 1819 for the American claim to the line of the Rio del Norte. – Stephen Arnold Douglas by William Garrott Brown
  15. To seek retribution they must journey on to the settlements of the Del Norte; not sure of success on arrival there, but more likely to meet failure- perhaps imprisonment. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  16. The road to Saguache showed the hoofprints of a prospector's outfit, and the marks of a sleigh leading to Del Norte. – Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew by Robert McReynolds
  17. We found at the Estacion del Norte the state railway carriage of her late majesty,- a brilliant creation of yellow satin and profuse gilding, a bovidoir on wheels,- not too full of a distinguished company. – Castilian Days by John Hay
  18. That same afternoon, two hours before the going down of the sun, a party of horsemen, wearing the uniform of Mexican dragoons of the line, issued from the garita of Chihuahua, and took the northern road leading to Santa Fe, by El Paso del Norte. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  19. " I was thinking of your remark awhile ago," said Carson, " that you would go to Del Norte tomorrow if you had an escort, and as I have some time to idle away it would give me pleasure to drive you over." – Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew by Robert McReynolds