Definitions of noise

  1. To spread by rumor or report.
  2. To disturb with noise.
  3. To spread by rumor; as, they noise their affairs abroad.
  4. To spread by rumor.
  5. To sound; to make a noise.
  6. To sound loud.
  7. emit a noise
  8. To spread by rumour or report.
  9. To sound loud; to spread abroad, as a report.
  10. the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality; sound that is a disagreeable auditory experience; " modern music is just noise to me"
  11. a loud outcry of protest or complaint; " the announcement of the election recount caused a lot of noise"; " whatever it was he didn't like it and he was going to let them know by making as loud a noise as he could"
  12. sound of any kind ( especially unintelligible or dissonant sound); " he enjoyed the street noises"; " they heard indistinct noises of people talking"; " during the firework display that ended the gala the noise reached 98 decibels"
  13. Sound of any kind.
  14. Especially, loud, confused, or senseless sound; clamor; din.
  15. Loud or continuous talk; general talk or discussion; rumor; report.
  16. Music, in general; a concert; also, a company of musicians; a band.
  17. Sound, especially when confused or disagreeable; clamor; outcry; loud discussion.
  18. Sound of any kind: any over- loud or excessive sound, din: frequent or public talk.
  19. Sound; din.
  20. A sound, especially a disturbing sound.
  21. Clamor; discussion.
  22. Sound of any kind; a loud sound; clamour; outcry or uproar; loud, importunate or continued talk; frequent talk.
  23. Confused or disagreeable sound of any kind; loud, rough talking; occasion of talk; quarrelling; uproar; much public conversation.