Definitions of neutral

  1. A person or a nation that takes no part in a contest between others; one who is neutral.
  2. One who, or that which, does not take sides in a dispute or conflict.
  3. A person or nation that takes no part in a contest.
  5. Person or nation that takes no part in a contest.
  6. One who or that which is neutral.
  7. Neutrally.
  8. lacking hue; " neutral colors like back or white"
  9. lacking distinguishing quality or characteristics; " a neutral personality that made no impression whatever"
  10. not supporting or favoring either side in a war, dispute, or contest
  11. neither moral nor immoral; neither good nor evil, right nor wrong
  12. of no distinctive quality or characteristics or type
  13. having no net electric charge; not electrified
  14. having only a limited ability to react chemically; not active; " inert matter"; " an indifferent chemical in a reaction"
  15. Not engaged on either side; not taking part with or assisting either of two or more contending parties; neuter; indifferent.
  16. Neither good nor bad; of medium quality; middling; not decided or pronounced.
  17. Having neither acid nor basic properties; unable to turn red litmus blue or blue litmus red; - said of certain salts or other compounds. Contrasted with acid, and alkaline.
  18. Unbiased; indifferent; taking no part on either side in a contest; as, a neutral nation; neither very good nor very bad; of no decided color; as, a neutral gray.
  19. Being neuter, indifferent: unbiased: neither very good nor very bad: ( chem.) neither acid nor alkaline.
  20. Of neither party; indifferent.
  21. Taking neither side; having no decided character of action; neuter.
  22. Not engaged on either side; not biassed to either side; indifferent; neither very good nor bad; having neither stamens nor pistils.
  23. Not assisting or acting with either party; indifferent; neither acid nor alkaline; in chem., applied to salts composed of an acid and a base in such proportions that they counteract or render imperceptible each other's properties.
  24. Neither male nor female.