Definitions of nervous

  1. Nervousness.
  2. Nervously.
  3. excited in anticipation
  4. unpredictably excitable ( especially of horses)
  5. possessing nerve; sinewy; strong; vigorous.
  6. Possessing or manifesting vigor of mind; characterized by strength in sentiment or style; forcible; spirited; as, a nervous writer.
  7. Having the nerves weak, diseased, or easily excited; subject to, or suffering from, undue excitement of the nerves; easily agitated or annoyed.
  8. Sensitive; excitable; timid.
  9. Pertaining to, or made of, nerves; having weak nerves; easily excited; timid; vigorous; as, a nervous literary style; restless or uneasy.
  10. Having nerve: sinewy: strong: vigorous: pertaining to the nerves: having the nerves easily excited or weak.
  11. Strong; vigorous; having weak or irritable nerves.
  12. Pertaining to or affected by the nerves.
  13. Unduly excitable; easily agitated.
  14. Full of nerve or vigor.
  15. Pertaining to the nerves; having nerves; strong; vigorous; pertaining to or affecting the nerves; with nerves easily agitated.
  16. Relating to the nerves; having the nerves affected; easily agitated; marked by strength in sentiment or style, as a writer; in bot., full of nerves; having the nerves prominently developed.
  17. Or designating nerves; tissue composed of nerve fibres.