Definitions of needle

  1. To form in the shape of a needle; as, to needle crystals.
  2. To form needles; to crystallize in the form of needles.
  3. prick with a needle; in sewing or embroidering
  4. To form needle- shaped crystals.
  5. a sharp pointed implement ( usually steel)
  6. a slender pointer for indicating the reading on the scale of a measuring instrument
  7. a stylus that formerly made sound by following a groove in a phonograph record
  8. prick with a needle
  9. See Magnetic needle, under Magnetic.
  10. A slender rod or wire used in knitting; a knitting needle; also, a hooked instrument which carries the thread or twine, and by means of which knots or loops are formed in the process of netting, knitting, or crocheting.
  11. Any slender, pointed object, like a needle, as a pointed crystal, a sharp pinnacle of rock, an obelisk, etc.
  12. A small instrument of steel, sharply pointed at one end, with an eye to receive a thread, - used in sewing.
  13. A small, sharp- pointed steel instrument furnished with an eye to hold thread; a thin, straight rod used in knitting or, when hooked at the end, for crocheting; anything sharply pointed like a needle; the magnetic needle.
  14. A small, sharp- pointed steel instrument, with an eye for a thread: anything like a needle, as the magnet of a compass.
  15. Pointed instrument for sewing; magnetic bar of a compass; slender crystal.
  16. The rod used in knitting, etc.
  17. A small instrument of steel, pointed at one end, with an eye at the other to receive a thread, used in sewing; a small pointed piece of steel, such as is used in the mariner's compass; any crystallized substance in the form of a needle.
  18. A small steel instrument, pointed at one end, and having an eye or hole at the other, used in sewing; the artificial magnet of the compass; anything needle- shaped.