Definitions of navy

  1. The whole of the war vessels belonging to a nation or ruler, considered collectively; as, the navy of Italy.
  2. The officers and men attached to the war vessels of a nation; as, he belongs to the navy.
  3. The warships of a nation; the sea war force of a nation, including ships, shipyards, shops, officers, men, etc.
  4. A fleet of ships; warvessels of a nation; their officers and men.
  5. The entire marine military force of a country; also, any fleet or body of ships.
  6. A fleet of ships; the ships of war belonging to a nation, or the officers and men. Navy- bills, bills issued by the Admiralty in payment of stores for ships and dockyards; also those drawn by naval officers for their pay.
  7. The name applied to the workmen employed in constructing canals or navigations, railroads, & c.
  8. The whole of the ships of war belonging to a country; an assemblage of merchantmen; the whole officers and men serving in the war- ships of a country.