Usage examples for nankeen

  1. But the very next morning saw Schaunard arrive, splendidly attired in a bright yellow nankeen jacket. – Bohemians of the Latin Quarter by Henry Murger
  2. He was a tall, spare man, dressed in nankeen jacket and trousers, with a large- brimmed straw hat upon his head. – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  3. He put on his wife's wadded nankeen jacket over his shirt, and over it his cloth caftan; he put the three- rouble bill into his pocket, broke off a stick, and started after breakfast. – Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales by Leo Tolstoy
  4. Salmon flesh, centre nankeen yellow. – Roses and Rose Growing by Rose Georgina Kingsley
  5. And Sary Jane folded up the shawl, which she could not afford to lose, and came home, and made nankeen vests at sixteen and three quarters cents a dozen in the window out of which the Lady of Shalott had never looked. – Stories of Childhood by Various
  6. Altogether, he was a strange- looking being, especially when he had substituted for his long coat a short nankeen jacket, which was the case at the time I am speaking of. – Poor Jack by Frederick Marryat
  7. His trousers were nankeen; the stockings had fallen down over the ankles. – A Wanderer in Paris by E. V. Lucas
  8. Arrived there, all would be sold, and a cargo of tea, coffee, silks, spices, nankeen cloth, sugar, and other products of the country taken on. – American Merchant Ships and Sailors by Willis J. Abbot
  9. Cotton was grown there which was the color of nankeen; it was spun, woven, and used in its natural color, without being dyed. – A Portrait of Old George Town by Grace Dunlop Ecker
  10. Then a small man with a swollen face and tearful eyes, in a brown nankeen round- jacket, with his bare knees protruding from the holes in his summer trousers, and knocking together with cold. – The Moscow Census - From "What to do?" by Lyof N. Tolstoi
  11. Leigh Hunt describes him as lounging about half the day in a nankeen jacket and white duck trousers, singing in a swaggering fashion, in a voice at once " thin and veiled," a boisterous air of Rossini's, riding out with pistols accompanied by his dogs, and sitting up half the night to write Don Juan over gin and water. – The Silent Isle by Arthur Christopher Benson
  12. He was addressing a gentleman in a blue coat and nankeen trousers, but evidently military, and two ladies in white dresses, narrow as to the skirts, but full in the sleeves. – The Carbonels by Charlotte M. Yonge
  13. " In fact," he went on, turning to Lucien, who stood amazed at this, " you are well made, you have a graceful figure, you wear your clothes with an air, you look like a gentleman in that blue coat of yours with the yellow buttons and the plain nankeen trousers; now I should look like a workingman among those people, I should be awkward and out of my element, I should say foolish things, or say nothing at all; but as for you, you can overcome any prejudice as to names by taking your mother's; you can call yourself Lucien de Rubempre; I am and always shall be David Sechard. – Two Poets Lost Illusions Part I by Honore de Balzac
  14. A bright, laughing face, prettily framed round by a black veil passed over the head and tied under the chin- a traveling- dress of a nankeen color, studded with blue buttons and trimmed with white braid- a light brown cloak over it- little neatly- gloved hands, which seized in an instant on one of mine and on one of Owen's- two dark blue eyes, which seemed to look us both through and through in a moment- a clear, full, merrily confident voice- a look and manner gayly and gracefully self- possessed- such were the characteristics of our fair guest which first struck me at the moment when she left the postchaise and possessed herself of my hand. – The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins Last Updated: January 3, 2009
  15. The driver was a young fellow in a nankeen coat, with a belt below his long waist. – Resurrection by Maude, Louise Shanks
  16. As for the nankeen trousers, some people said there were ten dozen of them in the great oak chest, but that might be an exaggeration. – Nautilus by Laura E. Richards
  17. Two men in round hats and nankeen breeches, one of whom, a tall, lean man of a wild, unkempt aspect, had a blur on one eye and resembled Tallien, met him at the corner of an avenue, looked at him askance and passed on, pretending not to recognize him. – The Gods are Athirst by Anatole France
  18. I recollect I had on that day my blue coat and brass buttons, nankeen trousers, a white sprig waist- coat, and one of Dando's silk hats, that had just come in in the year '22, and looked a great deal more glossy than the best beaver. – The History of Samuel Titmarsh and the Great Hoggarty Diamond by William Makepeace Thackeray
  19. A blue broadcloth coat, with gilt buttons, sat jauntily over a black satin vest, and nankeen trousers. – The Red Acorn by John McElroy
  20. He has a watch; he carries a cane; he wears white gloves, and tight nankeen pantaloons. – Jezebel's Daughter by Wilkie Collins