Quotes of myth

  1. There is no rational reason to doubt that the universe has existed indefinitely, for an infinite time. It is only myth that attempts to say how the universe came to be, either four thousand or twenty billion years ago. – Hannes Alfven
  2. To try to write a grand cosmical drama leads necessarily to myth To try to let knowledge substitute ignorance in increasingly larger regions of space and time is science. – Hannes Alfven
  3. No I don't think it was a myth at all, anymore than what the recession that the whole country was experiencing was a myth which obviously seems like it's going to get worse and worse. – Lester Bangs
  4. Well, one of the first things is to restore the rule of law, to place the government back under the cage of law. Another thing is to stop falling for the myth of democracy. – James Bovard
  5. Man seeks to escape himself in myth and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort. – Jean Cocteau
  6. If you're going to be a myth or want to be a myth you'd better die young. – Alma Guillermoprieto
  7. I wanted to connect a modern story with a myth that I had read. – Wally Lamb
  8. I like songs and film because you can turn your life into a sort of myth or dream. – Sean Lennon
  9. For the myth is the foundation of life; it is the timeless schema, the pious formula into which life flows when it reproduces its traits out of the unconscious. – Thomas Mann
  10. I wanted to rock back and forth between myth and distant futures, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It felt a bit like prophecy and a bit like storytelling. – George Murray
  11. As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth. – Boris Pasternak
  12. Uncritical semantics is the myth of a museum in which the exhibits are meanings and the words are labels. To switch languages is to change the labels. – Willard Van Orman Quine
  13. From reading a previous answer, you know that I consider all those aspects to be part of American cultural myth and thus they figure into good American poetry, whether the poet is aware of what he is doing or not. – Diane Wakoski
  14. What if the Soviet intervention was a blessing in disguise? It saved the myth that if the Soviets were not to intervene, there would have been some flowering authentic democratic socialism and so on. I'm a little bit more of a pessimist there. I think that the Soviets- it's a very sad lesson- by their intervention, saved the myth – Slavoj Zizek

Usage examples for myth

  1. Her voice vied with Johnnie's in its notes of excitement and pleasure, and to more than one who heard her it seemed that their first impression was correct, that a little child had come to them, and that the tall, graceful maiden was a myth – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe
  2. We saw that the Australian moon- myth of Mityan was of a native cat. – Moon Lore by Timothy Harley
  3. Why, scoffed the Judge, it's a myth there's nothing to it. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White
  4. I suppose this is the truth taught in what has been called the " Myth of the Garden." – Backlog Studies by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 23, 2009
  5. It seems a myth that I kissed you; impossible ... – Linda Condon by Joseph Hergesheimer
  6. The Teutonic myth of the World- tree was dealt with fully in the chapter on Subterranean Waters. – Nature Mysticism by J. Edward Mercer
  7. The traditional narrative, the myth the folk- tale or the legend, is not dependent upon the text in which it appears for the first time. – Folklore as an Historical Science by George Laurence Gomme
  8. Little boarding- school girls discuss Uncle Reuben and wonder if he is anything but a myth – Invisible Links by Selma Lagerlof
  9. His appearance on the Paddington platform was prearranged; his duchessa at Ealing a myth – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  10. The evidence is strong against me; and Thorn, did I mention him, would be as a myth to other people; nobody knew anything of him. – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  11. To which the fallen warrior made answer: " I am Tangaloa, the high- chief of Leatatafili, in Savai'i, and the property I speak of is no myth and all of it thine if thou wilt spare me." – Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas by Lloyd Osbourne
  12. For freedom without education is a myth – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  13. They have a joke about it in the theatre calling me Mrs. Jones; and because nobody believes what anybody says they think you're a myth – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  14. I hope it is all a myth – Edgar Saltus: The Man by Marie Saltus
  15. The myth had been exploded for both, but Matthew still hugged it. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  16. Is he a myth – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  17. He waited for the answer so long that he began to fear that his letter might not have reached Miss Hazen; then he waited until, at last, he was convinced that she never received it, and he had begun to think that she must be a myth – Concerning Sally by William John Hopkins
  18. Our opinion is that Jesus is a myth that no such being as is painted in the New Testament ever lived. – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays by Lemuel K. Washburn
  19. Driven from its home, the myth of the Gilded Man had become a wandering ghost. – The Spanish Pioneers by Charles F. Lummis
  20. It did not even originate in the Bible, it did not even originate among the Jews: it is nothing in the world but a pagan myth imported into Jewish tradition just a few hundred years before the birth of Jesus. – Our Unitarian Gospel by Minot Savage

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