Definitions of mystery

  1. Sacred rites and ceremonies among the ancients of stated observance, and into which only the initiated were admitted; dramas of a religious nature, in which were represented characters and events drawn from sacred history and the lives of the saints.
  2. something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; " how it got out is a mystery"; " it remains one of nature's secrets"
  3. a story about a crime ( usually murder) presented as a novel or play or movie
  4. A trade; a handicraft; hence, any business with which one is usually occupied.
  5. Something secret, hidden, or unexplained; that which is beyond human understanding. Mystery play, a Biblical drama, or miracle play, of the Middle Ages.
  6. A secret doctrine: anything very obscure: that which is beyond human comprehension: anything artfully made difficult.
  7. A trade, handicraft: a kind of rude drama of a religious nature ( so called because acted by craftsmen).
  8. A secret; anything obscure or incomprehensible.
  9. Something unknown or incomprehensible.
  10. A secret; something not comprehensible; an enigma; a trade.
  11. A profound secret; something wholly unknown; something awfully obscure or incomprehensible; that which is kept secret for a time to be afterwards revealed; a miracle- play.
  12. The consecrated elements in the eucharist.
  13. Anything artfully made difficult; an enigma.
  14. A kind of secret religious celebration, to which none were admitted except those who had been initiated by certain preparatory ceremonies; - usually plural; as, the Eleusinian mysteries.