Definitions of muller

  1. British philologist ( born in Germany) who specialized in Sanskrit ( 1823- 1900)
  2. United States geneticist who studied the effects of X- rays on genes ( 1890- 1967)
  3. German mathematician and astronomer ( 1436- 1476)
  4. German physiologist and anatomist ( 1801- 1858)
  5. Swiss physicist who studied superconductivity ( born in 1927)
  6. A vessel in which wine, etc., is mulled over a fire.
  7. A stone or thick lump of glass, or kind of pestle, flat at the bottom, used for grinding pigments or drugs, etc., upon a slab of similar material.
  8. A stone for grinding colours and other matters on a slab, chiefly used by apothecariea and painters; a vessel in which liquor is mulled.
  9. A hand- stone for grinding down oil- paint on a slab, or for reducing any substance to powder; a vessel for heating wine over a fire.
  10. See under mull.