Definitions of muffle

  1. To wrap with something that dulls or deadens the sound of; as, to muffle the strings of a drum, or that part of an oar which rests in the rowlock.
  2. An earthenware compartment or oven, often shaped like a half cylinder, used in furnaces to protect objects heated from the direct action of the fire, as in scorification of ores, cupellation of ore buttons, etc.
  3. A small oven for baking and fixing the colors of painted or printed pottery, without exposing the pottery to the flames of the furnace or kiln.
  4. A pulley block containing several sheaves.
  5. To wrap up in something that conceals or protects; to wrap, as the face and neck, in thick and disguising folds; hence, to conceal or cover the face of; to envelop; to inclose; - often with up.
  6. To wrap up closely and warmly; to keep from seeing, hearing, or speaking by wrapping up the head; cover up so as to deaden the sound of; as, to muffle a bell.
  7. To wrap up as with a muff: to blindfold: to cover up so as to render sound dull: to cover from the weather.
  8. To wrap up; cover; blindfold.
  9. To speak indistinctly, or without clear articulation.
  10. deaden ( a sound or noise), esp. by wrapping
  11. conceal or hide; " smother a yawn"; " muffle one's anger"; " strangle a yawn"
  12. To cover or wrap up closely, as the neck or face; to cover or conceal; to deaden the sound of by winding something around.
  13. a kiln with an inner chamber for firing things at a low temperature
  14. The bare end of the nose between the nostrils; - used esp. of ruminants.
  15. Anything used to deaden sound.
  16. In assaying, an arched vessel with a flat bottom, placed in the furnace to receive the cupels.