Definitions of MOVIES

  1.   A motion- picture show.

Quotes of MOVIES

  1. In the back of your mind, when you say you want to write music for the movies you're saying that you want a big house, a big car and a boat. If you just wanted to write music, you could live in Kansas and do it. – Bill Conti
  2. Most of the time it's the role. Sometimes it's the story and sometimes it just the paycheck. It's the little movies that come out as stories or the fact that I have work to go out, you know what I'm saying, you can only be out so long without work, you start getting antsy. – Morgan Freeman
  3. Sometimes movies gloss over things, and it was important to me that this was realistic. – Jami Gertz
  4. I understand it all. I can write my own ticket for one or two movies But if they're not the right ones, my ticket gets yanked. I understand that's how it works, and I'm okay with it. – Cuba Gooding, Jr.
  5. Most people are interested in seeing 27 -year -old women who are in movies somehow connected to sex. It's interesting to everyone. Especially little movies that are having trouble getting made, there's always sex. – Maggie Gyllenhaal
  6. I left 'Law and Order' because I really honestly did want to do movies and did want to be a movie star since I was a little girl. – Angie Harmon
  7. I position everything else in my life around making movies – Richard King
  8. Actually, I look the same in real life as I do in the movies – Andy Lau
  9. Apparently nobody really read it, it was a cheap movie, it fit their schedule in terms of things so fine, let the guy make that high school comedy. I used to work with Mel Brooks so they figured oh it's going to be one of those really silly movies and that's how it got made. – Barry Levinson
  10. Right now, I'd like to just continue on a series where I am doing good work with a balance of comedy and drama. That and do occasional features and movies – Mario Lopez
  11. I wonder if that's hurt me at the box office. Maybe audiences these days want to know exactly what to expect when they go into a movie, and my movies are hard to explain in just one way. – Paul Mazursky
  12. Some mornings you wake up and think, gee I look handsome today. Other days I think, what am I doing in the movies I wanna go back to Ireland and drive a forklift. – Liam Neeson
  13. I mean, I kind of remember... I'm 36 now, so it's kind of hard for me to relate to what it was like when I was 25, or 24, but I do remember a period in time when that's how I defined who I was, by the music I listened to and the movies I went to. – Liz Phair
  14. At that time, people wanted to be frightened. The Thing had come out, The Day the Earth Stood Still had come out, and these were all frightening movies – Ann Robinson

Usage examples for MOVIES

  1. “ I saw a picture of you at the " movies the other evening and you were making a speech in the rain without a hat or rubbers. ” – Perfect Behavior A Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen in all Social Crises by Donald Ogden Stewart
  2. One of them is crazy about the movies – Roy Blakeley by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  3. Going to the movies is not a matter of just running around the corner and so done automatically once or twice a week. ” – If You're Going to Live in the Country by Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley
  4. “ I suppose it is a sort of disease, like going to the " movies or doing exercises. ” – The Pleasures of Ignorance by Robert Lynd
  5. “ For the cowboy of the " movies however, let us register an unqualified contempt. ” – The Passing of the Frontier A Chronicle of the Old West, Volume 26 in The Chronicles Of America Series by Emerson Hough
  6. It said: " I am the car of Abey Tszchniczklefritszch, king of the movies future king of the world. ” – They Call Me Carpenter by Upton Sinclair
  7. Meals are served very late- lunch is at 2 o'clock or later, and dinner not until about 10. Concerts, plays and movies don't start until 11 o'clock at night, or even midnight. ” – Getting to know Spain by Dee Day
  8. Mother, can't we go to the movies – Brother and Sister by Josephine Lawrence
  9. The movies have practically ruined the stage. ” – Behind the Green Door by Mildred A. Wirt
  10. It enlisted the movies – The War After the War by Isaac Frederick Marcosson
  11. He took her to the movies and gave her ice- cream sodas and they were getting on fine. ” – The Rosie World by Parker Fillmore
  12. “ No movies nor nuthin', just fish an' rocks an' people lookin' thin an' half- starved." ” – Grenfell: Knight-Errant of the North by Fullerton Waldo
  13. How did Yoorkerk like the movies – Uller Uprising by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr
  14. The dollar that will buy tickets to the movies will just as quickly buy a good book; and if you're hungry, it's up to you whether you put your money into chocolate eclairs or roast beef. ” – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  15. You're quitting Haynes- Cooper for the movies – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  16. She never goes to the movies – Walking-Stick Papers by Robert Cortes Holliday
  17. At about this point she vanished, bound for Hollywood and the movies – Gigolo by Edna Ferber
  18. You can stay at movies an awful long time, and if you've got money enough to go to several of 'em, why, you're fixed for pretty near as long as you please. ” – Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington
  19. 4. One does not need to strain their ears while at the movies – The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever Easley S. Jones
  20. Only if I don't go to movies pretty soon, I'll- I'll- I don't know what I'll do! ” – Brother and Sister by Josephine Lawrence