Definitions of mouth

  1. an impudent or insolent rejoinder; " don't give me any of your sass"
  2. touch with the mouth
  3. the opening of a jar or bottle; " the jar had a wide mouth"
  4. the externally visible part of the oral cavity on the face and the system of organs surrounding the opening; " she wiped lipstick from her mouth"
  5. the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge; " he stuffed his mouth with candy"
  6. the point where a stream issues into a larger body of water; " New York is at the mouth of the Hudson"
  7. an opening that resembles a mouth ( as of a cave or a gorge); " he rode into the mouth of the canyon"; " they built a fire at the mouth of the cave"
  8. a person conceived as a consumer of food; " he has four mouths to feed"
  9. ( informal) a spokesperson ( as a lawyer)
  10. express in speech; " She talks a lot of nonsense"; " This depressed patient does not verbalize"
  11. a spokesperson ( as a lawyer)
  12. articulate silently; form words with the lips only; " She mouthed a swear word"
  13. The opening through which an animal receives food; the aperture between the jaws or between the lips; also, the cavity, containing the tongue and teeth, between the lips and the pharynx; the buccal cavity.
  14. An opening affording entrance or exit; orifice; aperture;
  15. The opening of a vessel by which it is filled or emptied, charged or discharged; as, the mouth of a jar or pitcher; the mouth of the lacteal vessels, etc.
  16. The opening or entrance of any cavity, as a cave, pit, well, or den.
  17. The opening of a piece of ordnance, through which it is discharged.
  18. The opening through which the waters of a river or any stream are discharged.
  19. The entrance into a harbor.
  20. The crosspiece of a bridle bit, which enters the mouth of an animal.
  21. A principal speaker; one who utters the common opinion; a mouthpiece.
  22. Cry; voice.
  23. Speech; language; testimony.
  24. A wry face; a grimace; a mow.
  25. To take into the mouth; to seize or grind with the mouth or teeth; to chew; to devour.
  26. To utter with a voice affectedly big or swelling; to speak in a strained or unnaturally sonorous manner.
  27. To form or cleanse with the mouth; to lick, as a bear her cub.
  28. To make mouths at.
  29. To speak with a full, round, or loud, affected voice; to vociferate; to rant.
  30. To put mouth to mouth; to kiss.
  31. To make grimaces, esp. in ridicule or contempt.
  32. The opening in the head of an animal through which it receives food and utters sounds; an opening through which to go in or out; as, the mouth of a cave; an opening for putting anything in or out; as, the mouth of a bottle; instrument of speaking; grimace.
  33. To utter with a swelling or pompous voice; to seize in the mouth; as, a dog mouths a bone.
  34. To make faces.
  35. Mouther.
  36. 1. Os, expanded upper portion of the digestive tract, containing the tongue and the teeth; it is bounded by the lips anteriorly, the cheeks laterally, the arch of the palate above ( roof of the mouth), below by muscular tissue ( floor of the mouth), and passes posteriorly into the pharynx through the isthmus of the fauces. 2. Os or ostium, orifice; the opening, usually the external opening, of a cavity or canal.
  37. Superior orifice of alimentary canal in which mastication takes place. The opening of a cavity.
  38. The opening in the head of an animal by which it eats and utters sound: opening or entrance, as of a bottle, river, etc.: the instrument of speaking: a speaker:- pl. MOUTHS.
  39. To utter with a voice overloud or swelling.
  40. Opening into which an anima receives its food; opening or entrance.
  41. To utter overloud or pompously.
  42. To speak unnaturally; rant; grimace.
  43. The orifice at which food is taken; any opening or orifice.
  44. The aperture in the head of an animal, by which it utters sound and receives food; the opening of a vessel or of a river; the opening or entrance of a cave, pit, well, or den; instrument of speaking; principal speaker; voice. To make mouths, to distort the mouth; to pout. To stop the mouth, to put to silence. Down in the mouth, dejected.
  45. To utter with a voice affectedly big or swelling: to seize with the mouth; to chew; to devour; to reproach; to insult.
  46. To speak with a full, swelling, affected voice; to vociferate; to rant; to make mouths.
  47. The opening in the head of an animal by which food is received, and containing the organs of mastication and of voice; the instr. of speech; any opening or channel by which a thing is received or discharged; an entrance; the part of a river or creek where its waters join those of a sea or other large body of water.
  48. To utter with an affected swelling voice; to utter a word fully and roundly; to vociferate; to seize in the mouth; to attack with reproachful language.

Usage examples for mouth

  1. Viola Green with her pretty clothes and pretty looks had " put the words into his mouth and had taken them out again!" – Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School by Margaret Penrose
  2. Did you think any thing about Frankie's mouth? – Little Frankie and his Mother by Madeline Leslie
  3. From the expression of her mouth I felt that this would be her last word to him. – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit
  4. Such a mouth, too, and such a gentleman! – M. or N. "Similia similibus curantur." by G.J. Whyte-Melville
  5. I 'lowed you looked down at the mouth. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  6. " Ye can," muttered old Dunn'l, " if ye'll keep your fool mouth shut an' your eye on the ball!" – Fore! by Charles Emmett Van Loan
  7. I cried, and the faithful animal darted at the fellow with open mouth. – The Coming of the King by James Hocking
  8. " Don't-" She put her hand over his mouth. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  9. Turning to the man whose mouth had been damaged he muttered: " Go at him again." – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  10. He opened his mouth to speak, but Doctor Jim was ahead of him. – Barbara Ladd by Charles G. D. Roberts
  11. And here is the life of the Wild: 'Bill opened his mouth to speak, but changed his mind. – Mushrooms on the Moor by Frank Boreham
  12. They sent for me, and Modibinne told me, that they were come by Mansong's orders to hear, from my own mouth, what had brought me into Bambarra. – The Journal Of A Mission To The Interior Of Africa, In The Year 1805 by Mungo Park
  13. I saw the last bit of life go up from her mouth blessing you. – Vittoria, v8 by George Meredith
  14. Don't try to talk with your mouth full. – Chicken Little Jane by Lily Munsell Ritchie
  15. The little girl opened her mouth to speak. – Elizabeth and her German Garden by "Elizabeth", AKA Marie Annette Beauchamp
  16. He took the child to her seat, and sat beside her and whispered a moment, his mouth close to her ear. – Darrel of the Blessed Isles by Irving Bacheller
  17. And there was no word which fell from Ontario's mouth which Polly did not believe. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  18. Perhaps, also, the mouth- " You're a kind man," she said slowly. – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  19. Not with a mouth like that. – The Real Adventure by Henry Kitchell Webster
  20. A word from thee- would one open his mouth? – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009