Usage examples for mollusk

  1. It made me feel as if I were a sort of polyp or mollusk instead of a man." – His Sombre Rivals by E. P. Roe
  2. The mollusk finding the local circumstances favorable, established itself in this new habitat, multiplied rapidly, and is now found almost everywhere on the west coast of the Peninsula. – The Earth as Modified by Human Action by George P. Marsh
  3. She had been gifted with a peculiar insight into human character, and having studied the nature of man as a scientist might that of a mollusk she felt that she understood every masculine vagary. – With Edge Tools by Hobart Chatfield-Taylor
  4. All that day she surged on through the salty sea, no more disturbed by the storm above than was some mollusk on the sandy bottom. – Tom Swift and his Undersea Search or, The Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic by Victor Appleton
  5. So much for the assumption of something like mind in the mollusk where Clifford cannot find direct evidence of mind. – An Introduction to Philosophy by George Stuart Fullerton
  6. Beast and fowl, reptile and fish, mollusk worm, and polype, are all composed of structural units of the same character, namely, masses of protoplasm with a nucleus. – Autobiography and Selected Essays by Thomas Henry Huxley
  7. Too- Wit accepted this proposal willingly, and made a bargain by which the natives were to give their labour in the gathering- in of the precious mollusk – An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne
  8. Whether the Dane of the sixteenth century was yet the eloquent mollusk which we are perpetually encountering in modern Danish fiction is a question which, at this distance, it is hard to decide. – Essays on Scandinavian Literature by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
  9. And now at length the crustacean was too much for the mollusk – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  10. It does not occur in non- luminous parts of the mollusk – The Nature of Animal Light by E. Newton Harvey
  11. Her rock- rimmed situation walls her off Like a slim selfish mollusk in its shell From the wide views and fair fraternities Which on the mainland we reciprocate, And quicks her quest for profit in our woes! – The Dynasts An Epic-Drama Of The War With Napoleon, In Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, And One Hundred And Thirty Scenes by Thomas Hardy
  12. That active, lively, all- embracing assurance of eternal damnation, which was part of John Wesley's vigorous creed, might have broken down the nervous system of a mollusk – Americans and Others by Agnes Repplier
  13. Narrow as were these buildings, and four stories high, they had a solid, ponderous look, suggesting a thickness of the walls such as to leave little of a hollow within for the indwellers- like great marine shells for a small mollusk – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  14. Entire branches and stems of trees, several feet in length, are sometimes found drilled all over by the holes of these borers, the tubes and shells of the mollusk still remaining in the cylindrical hollows. – The Student's Elements of Geology by Sir Charles Lyell
  15. Does not a bird possess a higher degree of life than a mollusk or a turtle? – The Breath of Life by John Burroughs