Possible correct spellings for transfed

  1. Transcend

    Go beyond; "their loyalty exceeds their national bonds".

  2. Transept

    Structure forming the transverse part of a cruciform church; crosses the nave at right angles.

  3. Transfer

    Application of a skill learned in one situation to a different but similar situation.

  4. Transform

    Change in outward structure or looks; "he transformed into a monster"; "the salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle".

  5. Transformed

    Given a completely different form or appearance; "shocked to see the transformed landscape".

  6. Transfuse

    Treat by cupping.

  7. Transient

    Enduring a very short time; "the ephemeral joys of childhood"; "a passing fancy"; "youth's transient beauty"; "love is transitory but at is eternal"; "fugacious blossoms".

  8. Transit

    Make a transit.

  9. Transferred

    Of transfer.

  10. Transfused

    Of transfuse.