Possible correct spellings for taffee

  1. Cafe

    A small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold.

  2. Caff

    (british slang) cafe.

  3. Coffee

    A medium to dark brown color.

  4. Differ

    Be different; "these two tests differ in only one respect".

  5. Doff

    Remove; "he doffed his hat".

  6. Duff

    A stiff flour pudding steamed or boiled usually containing e.g. currents and citron.

  7. Duffer

    An incompetent or clumsy person; "as a golfer he was only a duffer".

  8. Fee

    Engage by written agreement; "they signed two new pitchers for the next season".

  9. Gaff

    A spar rising aft from a mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail.

  10. Gaffe

    A socially awkward or tactless act.

  11. Gaffer

    An elderly man.

  12. Safe

    Contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis during intercourse.

  13. Staff

    The body of teachers and administrators at a school; "the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university".

  14. Staffer

    An employee who is a member of a staff of workers (especially a member of the united states president's white house staff).

  15. Taffeta

    A crisp smooth lustrous fabric.

  16. Taffy

    Chewy candy of sugar or syrup boiled until thick and pulled until glossy.

  17. Taft

    United states sculptor (1860-1936).

  18. Take

    Be designed to hold or take; "this surface will not take the dye".

  19. Tale

    A trivial lie; "he told a fib about eating his spinach"; "how can i stop my child from telling stories?".

  20. Tame

    Correct by punishment or discipline.

  21. Tape

    Memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide; used to record audio or video signals or to store computer information; "he took along a dozen tapes to record the interview".

  22. Tare

    Weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land; seeds sometimes considered poisonous.

  23. Tate

    United states poet and critic (1899-1979).

  24. Tee

    Support holding a football on end and above the ground preparatory to the kickoff.

  25. Tiff

    Petty quarrel.

  26. Toff

    An elegantly dressed man (often with affected manners).

  27. Toffee

    Caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets.

  28. Tofu

    Cheeselike food made of curdled soybean milk.

  29. Tree

    English actor and theatrical producer noted for his lavish productions of shakespeare (1853-1917).

  30. Turf

    Surface layer of ground containing a matt of grass and grass roots.

  31. Twee

    Affectedly dainty or refined.

  32. Tiffed

    Of tiff.

  33. Naff

    A kind of tufted sea-fowl..