Usage examples for ministration

  1. As there were no undertakers, the laying out of the corpse was a tender ministration for which some close friend of the family volunteered. – Domestic Life in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century Jamestown 350th Anniversary Historical Booklet Number 17 by Annie Lash Jester
  2. This ministration I take to be more for my good than theirs- a little trial of faith and patience for me- a stony corner of the lovely valley of humiliation to cross. – The Marquis of Lossie by George MacDonald
  3. And when these are not expended, as is normal, in the creation of and ministration to living and beloved beings, they generate warped, erratic and chaotic aberrations. – Feminism and Sex-Extinction by Arabella Kenealy
  4. The prisoner was placed in the Chapel of the Passion, and was offered the spiritual ministration of the Jesuit Fathers. – The Friars in the Philippines by Ambrose Coleman
  5. Freddy lay on the Gym floor, pillowed on Dan's jacket, and reviving under the ministration of a sturdy hand and a very wet and grimy pocket- handkerchief. – Killykinick by Mary T. Waggaman
  6. Crowds went to hear him, and his ministration was greatly blessed. – The Freedmen's Book by Lydia Maria Child
  7. If you consider seriously what a new life a Christian is translated unto, by the operation of the Holy Ghost, and the ministration of the word, it is then most active and lively, when the soul is most retired from the body in meditation. – The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning by Hugh Binning
  8. She did not yet recognize it as love, saw only the ministration; but it was what she sorely needed: she said the sort of thing suited her, and at once began to fall in with it. – Paul Faber, Surgeon by George MacDonald