Quotes of mid

  1. In my mid 30's, after a decade or so of giving full time to the music thing and finding myself with about $10 in the bank and no assets other than my musical equipment, I realized I needed to get serious about making a living. – Mark Edwards
  2. I totally relate to Tom Cruise. He's not crazy, it's just the litany of the mid -life crisis. – Bret Easton Ellis
  3. Although many seniors are happy with the generous drug coverage they have from their former employers, the number of companies offering that kind of coverage has decreased by one -third since the mid -1980s. – Jim Gerlach
  4. I think one thing that helped the sound change, it's a real subtle thing; it's just one switch on my bass, it has three positions, and I usually boost the mid -range frequency, I lowered the frequency that I boost, and that goes out to the sound system, too. – Mike Gordon
  5. I was preparing myself for the theater, and... I got a little job here and a job there, but it wasn't going well, and I considered some time before the mid -60s that maybe I should consider something else. – James Earl Jones
  6. I reckon I closed down at least two films companies, one of which was in Ealing in the mid 1950s. – Nigel Kneale
  7. I'd like to think I could have and should have won more, but that's not the point. And I was at the point where I was playing great tennis in the mid 80s- the type of tennis people hadn't seen before- and I was very proud of that. – John McEnroe
  8. Community colleges are one of America's great social inventions a gateway to the future for first time students looking for an affordable college education, and for mid -career students looking to get ahead in the workplace. – Barbara Mikulski
  9. The beard is here because I got tired of shaving and Grissom, subsequently, got tired of shaving. Grissom, like any other 50 -year -old man, is going through a series of mid -life changes. Who knows, he may start drinking. – William Petersen
  10. Back in the mid -1980s, congressional hearings were held after we brought this litigation, and held up the first experiment. At that time, I went in front of Congress, along with the major agencies involved with this. – Jeremy Rifkin
  11. From the mid -1970s, I also started work on the causation and prevention of famines. – Amartya Sen
  12. Today's marijuana is also twice as strong as it was in the mid 80's. – John Walters

Usage examples for mid

  1. " Dear heart alive," groaned his mother, " a body 'ud think they mid manage a bit better! – North, South and Over the Sea by M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell)
  2. It would be announced at mid day. – The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
  3. His first feeling was one of bitter disappointment and of indignation with the great leaders of the British people who had allowed themselves to become involved in a Mid European quarrel. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  4. We should laugh if we saw a man apparently dancing in mid air- until we noticed the rope about his neck. – G. K. Chesterton, A Critical Study by Julius West
  5. But at mid day there was spring in the air. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  6. It was a simple fancy of Iskender's, done in leisure moments, of angels fighting devils in mid air, with clouds like solid cushions spread to fall on. – The Valley of the Kings by Marmaduke Pickthall
  7. The hour was mid day, workmen's meal- time. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  8. Not that kind of a mid day meal at all. – The Other Fellow by F. Hopkinson Smith
  9. Looking up at it, Joe thought that it must be mid morning. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  10. I dig up a few in mid winter. – The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles by Jean Henri Fabre
  11. It was near mid day when they came within sight of her. – The Boy Hunters by Captain Mayne Reid
  12. It was mid morning of the next blazing day when he beckoned his men to him. – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  13. A fire is burning on the hearth- small, for the mid day- meal is not yet on its way. – What's Mine's Mine V1 by George MacDonald
  14. I left the cottage in love and unhappy, and as I did not go to bed till two o'clock in the morning I slept till mid day. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  15. " It does not seem trivial to me," I answered; " but I will admit that is has nothing like the value of a series of sittings I held last spring with a psychic in a mid Western city." – The Shadow World by Hamlin Garland
  16. We got in, and I pulled out into mid stream. – The King's Mirror by Anthony Hope
  17. It was mid morning when he arrived at Childerbridge, and Alice had walked down to the gates to meet him. – The Childerbridge Mystery by Guy Boothby
  18. You will doubtless land at Beaugency to- morrow about mid day. – Catherine de' Medici by Honore de Balzac
  19. It was mid winter when all was ready. – This Country Of Ours by H. E. Marshall Author: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
  20. And by mid April he found himself scarcely on speaking terms with one of them. – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter

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