Usage examples for Mended

  1. My father has had those water gates mended on the meadows though he could ill afford it. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  2. There was a cousin who lived in the cottage with them, and who mended and cooked and kept the house in order. – Rico And Wiseli Rico And Stineli, And How Wiseli Was Provided For by Johanna Spyri
  3. See if it is mended all right. – Abbé Aubain and Mosaics by Prosper Mérimée
  4. But if he were to ask you to carry his knife somewhere to be mended, and you should take it, then it would be a bailment to you for his benefit. – Rollo's Museum by Jacob Abbott
  5. " Something was broken, my General," responded the soldier gravely, " but it is mended." – The Valley of Vision by Henry Van Dyke
  6. Here we halted and mended sledges and in the course of an hour the whole party had caught up. – A Negro Explorer at the North Pole by Matthew A. Henson Commentator: Robert E. Peary Booker T. Washington
  7. Easily mended, isn't it? – The Two Vanrevels by Booth Tarkington
  8. Their harness had been broken and mended in several places. – The Shepherd of the North by Richard Aumerle Maher
  9. He was most modest in matters of dress, and I had great difficulty in preventing him from wearing his clothes when they were old, dirty and mended. – The Makers of Canada: Bishop Laval by A. Leblond de Brumath
  10. It was found that the weather being bad, the envelope of the balloon was torn in several places, and had to be mended in all haste. – Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies by Fulgence Marion
  11. He saw Betty every day, but as yet, nothing had mended the breach between them. – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  12. And in a few minutes the harness was mended and Puss and the little old man drove off down the road. – Puss in Boots, Jr., and the Good Gray Horse by David Cory
  13. Before an answer to his letter could be expected, Harold was sufficiently mended to be removed to the house of a friend on Long Island. – A Daughter of the Vine by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  14. They're goin' to have it mended, I think. – The Nether World by George Gissing
  15. Now, at the time of his death, this boy's watch was being mended in London; therefore, the one now in my hands was good evidence as far as it went. – Notes of a Camp-Follower on the Western Front by E. W. Hornung
  16. However, I found that if one showed him the spare end of the rope reins, and offered to strike him with it, he mended his pace considerably. – Young Knights of the Empire by Sir Robert Baden-Powell
  17. Aren't you mended up well, though? – What Two Children Did by Charlotte E. Chittenden
  18. My dear Rice- As I want the coat on my back mended, I would be obliged if you would send me the one Brown left at your house by the Bearer- During your late contest I had regular reports of you, how that your time was completely taken up and your health improving- I shall call in the course of a few days, and see whether your promotion has made any difference in your Behaviour to us. – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats
  19. He mended the fire so that it would be safe for the night; bolted a window. – The Real Adventure by Henry Kitchell Webster
  20. " Well," I said, " my bicycle is mended now, so I had better be off." – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston