Definitions of memorial

  1. a written statement of facts submitted in conjunction with a petition to an authority
  2. Anything intended to preserve the memory of a person or event; something which serves to keep something else in remembrance; a monument.
  3. A memorandum; a record.
  4. A species of informal state paper, much used in negotiation.
  5. A written statement of facts addressed to a government, etc.; a thing intended to keep in mind an event, a place, or a person, as a monument; Memorial Day, in the United States, the thirtieth of May, appointed by law for observing the memory of those who died for the Union in the Civil War.
  6. That which serves to keep in remembrance: a monument: a note to help the memory: a written statement with a petition, laid before a legislative or other body: ( B.) memory.
  7. That which keeps in remembrance; statement with a petition.
  8. Something desingned to keep in remembrance a person, event, etc.
  9. A presentation of facts; memoir.
  10. That which preserves the memory of something; a memorandum: a written representation of facts; a species of informal state paper used in international negotiation.
  11. Anything that serves to preserve the memory of; a monumental record; a written address of solicitation or complaint; a state paper or note in which there is neither subscription nor address- much used in negotiation.
  12. Serving to preserve remembrance; commemorative; as, a memorial building.
  13. Mnemonic; assisting the memory.
  14. In remembrance; commemorative; sacred to the memory of a deceased person, or of some event.
  15. Bringing to memory: contained in memory.
  16. Preserving remembrance.
  17. Commemorating something, as the memory of the dead.
  18. Preservative of memory; preserved in memory.