Usage examples for membership

  1. The individual camp groups changed in composition and membership annually. – Shoshone-Bannock Subsistence and Society by Robert F. Murphy Yolanda Murphy
  2. Membership in a home means being ready to take part in all its little tiresome duties; to throw yourself into amusements which sometimes do not amuse you personally; in all ways to help on family life. – Stray Thoughts for Girls by Lucy H. M. Soulsby
  3. The attempt to make creed subscription a test of church membership, or even a condition of ministerial standing, is sure to confuse intellectual and spiritual things to the serious disadvantage of both. – The Five Great Philosophies of Life by William de Witt Hyde
  4. Without that qualification, membership in any Lodge or Society, whether secret or otherwise, will not advance his object in the slightest degree. – Clairvoyance by Charles Webster Leadbeater
  5. He did not believe that Akers cared a penny piece for a membership, and pooh- pooh it as he would, this trifling affair would not let him alone. – The Measure of a Man by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  6. We have now repeatedly defined the test of such membership. – The Sources Of Religious Insight by Josiah Royce
  7. They seem to have drawn their membership from the workers in the local trades. – The Trade Union Woman by Alice Henry
  8. Acting under the authority conferred upon the President by Congress, I have already accorded the people of the islands a majority in both houses of their legislative body by appointing five instead of four native citizens to the membership of the commission. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  9. From 1890 on, the women's membership became smaller and smaller, until practical interest by women and for women in the body wholly died out. – The Trade Union Woman by Alice Henry
  10. No longer was membership in a group of kindred the dominant fact, but simply local residence. – The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State by Frederick Engels
  11. The composition of the lower house of the State Legislature that was elected in 1871 was as follows: Total membership, one hundred and fifteen. – The Facts of Reconstruction by John R. Lynch
  12. I resigned my membership of the polo club to- day. – A Son of the Immortals by Louis Tracy
  13. Since his final return he has not renewed his membership. – History of the Dewitt guard, company A, 50th regiment National guard, state of New York by Unknown
  14. Well, young woman, welcome to Membership in the Lodge. – The Right Time by Walter Bupp
  15. We got membership lists of these different organizations. – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair