Definitions of mechanic

  1. A skilled workman, especially one who understands the construction and use of machinery.
  2. One engaged in a mechanical trade: an artisan.
  3. An artisan.
  4. One exercising a mechanical employment.
  5. One skilled or employed in a craft or in a mechanical occupation; an artisan or operative.
  6. A skilled workman; an artisan.
  7. The art of the application of the laws of motion or force to construction.
  8. Having to do with the application of the laws of motion in the art of constructing or making things; of or pertaining to mechanics; mechanical; as, the mechanic arts.
  9. Of or pertaining to a mechanic or artificer, or to the class of artisans; hence, rude; common; vulgar.
  10. Of or pertaining to a workman, especially one with knowledge of machinery; involving skill with the hands; pertaining to machinery; as, the mechanic arts.
  11. Pertaining to machines or mechanics; done by, or as if by, a machine; acting by physical force.
  12. Pertaining to mechanics; materialistic; atomistic.
  13. Constructed according to the principles of mechanics; applying to machines; acting as a mere machine: done in the manner of a machine, or by force of mere habit; pertaining to artisans or mechanics: acting by physical power, without chemical change. Mechanical philosophy, a philosophy which would account for things on the principles of mere mechanics. Mechanical powers, the lever, the wheel and axle, the pulley, the inclined plane, the wedge, and the screw, the elementary contrivances of which all machines are composed.
  14. Pert. to machines; constructed or performed according to the laws of mechanics; physical, or not chemical; manual, or not mental; done by a machine; done by mere force of habit.