Usage examples for mathematical

  1. You must realize that the mathematical treatment of psionics is, as yet, in a relatively primitive stage." – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  2. Actually, he had quite a respectable reputation in the mathematical field. – Suite Mentale by Gordon Randall Garrett
  3. Mathematical problems were interesting to them, just as the solution of puzzles interests the boy in civilization. – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace
  4. I hope I understand better than that how- all this- is as logical and mathematical as a natural law. – Angela's Business by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  5. He set up for being a believer in all that was useful, in mathematical truths, positive religions and the exact sciences. – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  6. First, realize that a line or an angle, for instance, is something more than its mere mathematical outline. – The-Light-of-Egypt-or-the-science-of-the-soul-and-the-stars-Volume-2 by Burgoyne, Thomas H.
  7. As for Lambert, who was beside me in the carriage, he did nothing but eat, drink, and sleep the whole way; seldom speaking, for he stammered, and could only talk about mathematical problems, on which I was not always in the humour to converse. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  8. I reached my goal when the sun was twelve degrees above the horizon, and was therefore better able to mark a mathematical position than Mr. Peary could have with the sun at less than seven degrees. – My Attainment of the Pole by Frederick A. Cook
  9. I began to spend some time with him every day in mathematical calculations, and I conceived the idea of taking him with me to St. Petersburg, and broached the subject to him. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  10. To avail himself of these keys to mathematical knowledge, he must pursue a course not unlike that which I have recommended in relation to geography and history. – The Young Man's Guide by William A. Alcott
  11. On the lower shelf are mathematical and musical instruments and books. – Holbein by Beatrice Fortescue
  12. He was a philosopher and mathematical expert. – Remarks by Bill Nye
  13. Phil's answer is intended to indicate the lack of even mathematical power in those who, like Phil, never had any training of the imagination, nor any other training to define their apperceptive centres of number beyond ten. – Dickens As an Educator by James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
  14. The examination of the eye has been reduced to mathematical precision, due altogether to the anatomy of that organ. – Civics and Health by William H. Allen
  15. The size of the circular wound, the absence of blood around its edge, and the blackened and burnt state of the flesh demonstrated this fact with almost mathematical precision. – Monsieur Lecoq by Emile Gaboriau
  16. This was suggested to the author by the endeavor of two friends whose interests were pre- eminently mathematical to discover what certain four- dimensional figures would look like in three- dimensional space. – Four-Dimensional Vistas by Claude Fayette Bragdon
  17. He was the first artist in Germany who practiced and taught the rules of perspective, and of the proportions of the human figure, according to mathematical principles. – Anecdotes of Painters, Engravers, Sculptors and Architects and Curiosities of Art (Vol. 3 of 3) by S. Spooner
  18. I am not what is called a man of imagination; it is my habit to exclude most things not capable of mathematical demonstration; but I am not without a certain psychological insight, and I think I understood Mr. Jaffrey's case. – Miss Mehetabel's Son by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
  19. Inner relations namely are 'eternal, ' are perceived whenever their sensible terms are compared; and of them our thought- mathematical and logical thought, so- called- must eternally take account. – Pragmatism A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking by William James
  20. It was a losing action, and one which he knew, from a purely mathematical consideration, could not be successful. – The Journal of Submarine Commander von Forstner by Georg-Günther von Forstner Commentator: John Hays, Jr. Hammond