Usage examples for masked

  1. With a step aside, the Chancellor let the light from the hanging lamp in the hall shine full upon Leopold's face, hitherto masked in shadow. – The Princess Virginia by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  2. The king has commanded that, besides the masked ball which is to take place in the opera- house, and to which the public are invited, another shall be arranged here in the castle on the day before the betrothal of the Princess Ulrica." – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  3. In fact, what can well be more tiresome than a place where you find persons masked, without wit or humour? – Paris As It Was and As It Is by Francis W. Blagdon
  4. Quick, cries every masked member of the Ways and Means. – The United States Since The Civil War by Charles Ramsdell Lingley
  5. There was a thud, a howl, and a mouth masked with liquid red gasped to the sun and was seen no more. – Mary Magdalen by Edgar Saltus
  6. Everybody was closely masked. – The Twins of Table Mountain and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  7. He had to cross the broad marble landing, whence a masked door led to the narrow winding steps by which he ascended to the upper story. – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  8. They hurried to the edge of the highway, careful to keep masked by the palmetto, and watched. – The Flaming Mountain by Harold Leland Goodwin
  9. In the eyes of France, in the eyes of Europe, the 2nd of December is still masked. – Napoleon the Little by Victor Hugo
  10. All the dancers were masked. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr
  11. Two men were standing on the threshold, both in evening dress, both masked. – The Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank L. Packard
  12. He invited M. de Luxembourg to supper, and after that meal was over, masked him according to his fancy. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon
  13. A masked ball the old Duchess is giving in honour of Princess Ena. – The Car of Destiny by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  14. But of course his real feelings are only respectfully masked, and, let her be in any danger or real discomfort, or let any language be uttered unseemly for her ears, and we know what promptly happens. – Vanishing Roads and Other Essays by Richard Le Gallienne
  15. As for the other, she's a very genteel woman, but whether old or young, ugly or handsome, I can't pretend to say, for she was masked. – The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves by Tobias Smollett
  16. But the look of thinly- masked resentment which succeeded told of what had been in her mind since she encountered him in the company of Cecily. – The Emancipated by George Gissing
  17. Some masked men pick up the body. – First Fam'lies of the Sierras by Joaquin Miller
  18. At that moment another man, similarly attired, armed, and masked, joined the other at the door. – A Queen's Error by Henry Curties