Definitions of marine

  1. Shipping.
  2. A soldier serving on shipboard: the whole navy of a country or state: naval affairs.
  3. Soldier serving on shipboard, navy or shipping of a country.
  4. A soldier serving on a war vessel.
  5. A soldier who serves on shipboard; the navy or collective shipping of a kingdom or state; naval affairs or interests in general.
  6. of or relating to military personnel who serve both on land and at sea ( specifically the U. S. Marine Corps); " marine barracks"
  7. native to or inhabiting the sea; " marine plants and animals such as seaweed and whales"
  8. Of or pertaining to the sea; having to do with the ocean, or with navigation or naval affairs; nautical; as, marine productions or bodies; marine shells; a marine engine.
  9. Formed by the action of the currents or waves of the sea; as, marine deposits.
  10. A solider serving on shipboard; a sea soldier; one of a body of troops trained to do duty in the navy.
  11. The sum of naval affairs; naval economy; the department of navigation and sea forces; the collective shipping of a country; as, the mercantile marine.
  12. A picture representing some marine subject.
  13. Pertaining to, living in, or formed by, the sea; relating to commerce at sea; near the sea; relating to commerce at sea; near the sea; used at sea.
  14. Of or belonging to the sea: done at sea: representing the sea: near the sea.
  15. Pertaining to the sea.
  16. Pertaining to the sea; oceanic.
  17. Pertaining to the sea; living or found in the sea; for use at sea; near the sea.
  18. Of or pert. to the sea; near or in view of the sea; representing the sea; naval.