Definitions of Makkedah

  1. worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness
  2. ( place of shepherds ), a place memorable in the annals of the conquest of Canaan as the scene of the execution by Joshua of the five confederate kings, ( Joshua 10:10-50 ) who had hidden themselves in a cave at this place. ( It was a royal city of the Canaanites, in the plains of Judah. Conder identifies it with the modern el-Moghar , 25 miles northwest of Jerusalem, where are two caves large enough to contain five men each. Schaff says that " one cave has, curiously enough, five loculi rudely scooped in its side, and an enthusiast might contend that this was the very place of sepulchre of the five kings."- ED.)
  3. herdsman's place, one of the royal cities of the Canaanites ( Joshua 12:16 ), near which was a cave where the five kings who had confederated against Israel sought refuge ( 10:10-29 ). They were put to death by Joshua, who afterwards suspended their bodies upon five trees. It has been identified with the modern village called Sumeil, standing on a low hill about 7 miles to the north-west of Eleutheropolis ( Beit Jibrin), where are ancient remains and a great cave. The Palestine Exploration surveyors have, however, identified it with el-Mughar, or " the caves," 3 miles from Jabneh and 2 1/2 southwest of Ekron, because, they say, " at this site only of all possible sites for Makkedah in the Palestine plain do caves still exist." ( See ADONI-ZEDEC.)