Definitions of Maintaining

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Quotes of Maintaining

  1. Research clearly shows us that the earlier women think about maintaining their bone mass and take the steps to do so, the better their health will be in the long run. – Lois Capps
  2. As for our garments, my Mother did not only delight to see us neat and cleanly, fine and gay, but rich and costly: maintaining us to the heighth of her estate, but not beyond it. – Margaret Cavendish
  3. Unlimited economic growth has the marvelous quality of stilling discontent while maintaining privilege, a fact that has not gone unnoticed among liberal economists. – Noam Chomsky
  4. The cost of acquiring new customers and maintaining those relationships in an online environment versus bricks and mortar is significant. – Stephen Cohen
  5. Maintaining clean, safe water remains one of our greatest national and global challenges and responsibilities. – Jerry Costello
  6. People who are in power make their arrangements in secret, largely as a way of maintaining and furthering that power. – Don DeLillo
  7. We can't manipulate some stars while maintaining other stars as controls; we can't start and stop ice ages, and we can't experiment with designing and evolving dinosaurs. – Jared Diamond
  8. I am working as public relations director for the Tour de France and maintaining my farm. – Bernard Hinault
  9. Most people compliment me on maintaining my femininity while I'm on the court. People like the fact that I model. My fans or little girls always say they want to play sports, but also want to be a model like me and I think that's great. – Lisa Leslie
  10. Read the sacred writings of all the peoples on Earth. Through all of them runs, like a red thread, the hidden Science of attaining and maintaining wakefulness. – Gustave Meyrink
  11. Funding and maintaining programs from Head Start to Pell Grants must be a high priority. – Ed Pastor
  12. What is the essence of America? Finding and maintaining that perfect, delicate balance between freedom "to" and freedom "from." – Marilyn vos Savant

Usage examples for Maintaining

  1. But the Assembly resisted, maintaining that they had the same right as the British Commons of having their money bills received or rejected by the Governor without amendment. – The Quaker Colonies A Chronicle of the Proprietors of the Delaware, Volume 8 in The Chronicles Of America Series by Sydney G. Fisher
  2. The duke tried the same stratagem a second time with the same success; but even after this double advantage, he still found a great body of the English, who, maintaining themselves in firm array, seemed determined to dispute the victory to the last extremity. – The History of England, Volume I by David Hume
  3. But in England there is no pretence of maintaining the three branches uniform either in importance or in power. – Popular Law-making by Frederic Jesup Stimson
  4. And I, as in duty bound by my oath of fidelity to the Constitution, would do all in my power to aid the government of the United States in maintaining the supremacy of the laws against all resistance to them, come from what quarter it might. – Children of the Market Place by Edgar Lee Masters
  5. The difficulty of maintaining distant bases is the same for the submarine as it is for other craft. – The Victory At Sea by William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick
  6. But he betrayed very little emotion, even maintaining what must have been an assumed cheerfulness. – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal
  7. When Florence left the house, he impulsively accompanied her, maintaining a nervous silence as they walked the short distance between Uncle Joseph's front gate and her own. – Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington
  8. There has been much difference of opinion as to the origin of granite- some holding it to be an igneous rock, others maintaining its metamorphic origin. – Geology by James Geikie
  9. The minister of that Department was on the spot, and he employed the guard of his household in maintaining his authority. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  10. Each of them was, and is, so busy with his personal affairs, and the difficulty of maintaining his artificial position, that he cannot occupy himself with measures of general import- measures which might bring about a connected and consistent new order of things. – On Conducting (Ueber das Dirigiren): A Treatise on Style in the Execution of Classical Music by Richard Wagner (translated by Edward Dannreuther)
  11. He pulled- he pushed- he jerked, but the little maids succeeded in maintaining some sort of balance. – Chicken Little Jane by Lily Munsell Ritchie
  12. I took my stand for the sole purpose of maintaining the dignity of the British Army. – With the "Die-Hards" in Siberia by John Ward
  13. Here he took cautiously hold of the extreme end of the string, and, maintaining the insect as far from his person as circumstances would permit, prepared to ascend the tree. – Selections From Poe by J. Montgomery Gambrill
  14. Squads of soldiers from both armies may be observed seated together on either side of the Rappahannock, earnestly discussing the great questions of the day, each obstinately maintaining his views of the matters at issue. – Three Years in the Federal Cavalry by Willard Glazier
  15. We hope the best, and if the powers of Europe are not so totally blind to their own interest as to refuse maintaining that freedom and enjoyment of our commerce, which our declaration of Independence offers them, their support will save us much distress and blood. – The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. IX by Various
  16. I told him, if I am not rich, it is because I have spent my fortune in maintaining the dignity of the high stations I have filled. – The Bramleighs Of Bishop's Folly by Charles James Lever
  17. Again, for the second time, at these expressions a confused din ran through the assembly, half the audience maintaining that the Mantineans were justified in supporting Proxenus and his friends, who were put to death by the party with Stasippus; the other half that they were wrong in bringing an armed force against the men of Tegea. – Hellenica by Xenophon
  18. He wrote to Davison, whom he called " one of the best and most certain friends that the house of Nassau possessed in England," begging that he would recommend the interests of the family to the Queen, " whose favour could do more than anything else in the world towards maintaining what remained of the dignity of their house." – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  19. As for institutions, however good in themselves, they will avail but little in maintaining the standard of national character. – Character by Samuel Smiles
  20. The responsibility for maintaining our armed forces at the strength necessary for our national safety rests with the Congress. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various