Definitions of lumber

  1. To move heavily; to make a rumbling noise; to cut timber for market. See Lumber- room. Lumber- dealer, a timber- merchant.
  2. To fill with rubbish; heap together in disorder.
  3. To fill with lumber: to heap together in confusion.
  4. To fill with lumber.
  5. To fill with or deal in lumber; encumber; heap in disorder.
  6. To make a sound as if moving heavily or clumsily; to rumble.
  7. To cut logs in the forest, or prepare timber for market.
  8. To cut down timber and prepare it for market; to move or roll heavily along.
  9. To move heavily and laboriously.
  10. To move cumbrously.
  11. To heap together; to fill with lumber.
  12. To heap together in disorder; to move heavily and laboriously; in Canada, to cut timber for market.
  13. an implement used in baseball by the batter
  14. A pawnbroker's shop, or room for storing articles put in pawn; hence, a pledge, or pawn.
  15. Old or refuse household stuff; things cumbrous, or bulky and useless, or of small value.
  16. Timber sawed or split into the form of beams, joists, boards, planks, staves, hoops, etc.; esp., that which is smaller than heavy timber.
  17. To heap together in disorder.
  18. To fill or encumber with lumber; as, to lumber up a room.
  19. Rubbish; forest timber sawed for market.
  20. Anything cumbersome or useless: timber sawed or split for use.
  21. Things useless and cumbrous; sawed timber.
  22. Timber sawed into merchantable form, especially boards; also, rubbish.
  23. Anything useless and cumbersome; timber sawn or split for use.
  24. Whatever causes to stumble; that which offers an impediment to free motion; anything nearly useless and cumbersome; bulky things thrown aside; timber sawn or split for use.