Usage examples for lubrication

  1. A good style will have the sheen communicated by lubrication from within, not the gloss of outward rubbing. – Essays Æsthetical by George Calvert
  2. Our method of supporting the shaft and Loose Pulley together with the perfect lubrication of both prevents the wearing of the shaft, sleeve or Loose Pulley. – Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery by Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd.
  3. The other reposed on the foot pump which was used in case anything went wrong with the force- feed lubrication – The Boy Aviators' Treasure Quest by Captain Wilbur Lawton (pseudonym for John Henry Goldfrap)
  4. In selecting a satisfactory garden tractor attention should be directed to the simplicity and power of the motor, the type of bearings, the method of lubrication of all moving parts, the working speed and the economy of fuel. – A Living from the Land by William B. Duryee
  5. It was a peaceful quiet world, largely peasant, where nobody had to scratch for a living and where a superb manipulation of biological forces ensured very long lives, no disease, and a social lubrication that left little to desire- from their viewpoint, anyway. – Rastignac the Devil by Philip José Farmer
  6. The philosophy of this is, that the file marks will hold the oil and afford unusually free lubrication while the bearing and journal are wearing down to a bearing. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  7. Furthermore, the indentations form passages for the oil, facilitating the lubrication and preventing wear both to the work and to the lathe centres. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  8. 2494 at B. So also where very free lubrication is required, an oil groove may also be cut in the journal itself, as at C in the figure. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  9. The cause was evidently that the violent " tumblefication" that the Bolo had gone through had hindered the proper operation of the force- feed lubrication – The Boy Aviators' Treasure Quest by Captain Wilbur Lawton (pseudonym for John Henry Goldfrap)
  10. The mechanical parts of the structure are built in conformity to the rules of mechanics and are automatically furnished with lubrication and with chemical supplies for automatically renewing worn- out parts. – Manhood of Humanity. by Alfred Korzybski
  11. There was no answer to that argument; keeping single was just a matter of lubrication but just the same that appalling sentence which had become fixed in Pepsy's mind, haunted her, especially when she lay on her feather mattress in the yellow painted bed up in her little room. – Pee-wee Harris by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  12. With a careful eye upon the teacher, who was his semaphore, such a boy would work the reverse lever, open and close the throttle, apply and disengage the brakes, test the lubrication and otherwise go through the motions of running a locomotive with great seriousness and huge enjoyment. – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
  13. She needs new carburation, new cylinders, new water- circulation, new lubrication new valves, new brakes, new ignition, new gears, new bolts, new nuts, new everything. – The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol by William J. Locke
  14. When the drum rotated, the friction of the pad carried the vibrating arm forward, but an electrical impulse coming over the line would decompose the chemical solution with which the drum was moistened, causing an effect similar to lubrication and thus allowing the pad to slip backward freely in response to the pull of its retractile spring. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  15. I recover as I look back on all this the sense as of an extraordinary young confidence, our common support, in our coming round together, through the immense lubrication of his expressed thought, often perhaps extravagantly working and playing, to plenty of unbewildered rightness, a state of comfort that would always serve- whether after strange openings into a sphere where nothing practical mattered, or after even still quainter closings in upon us of unexpected importances and values. – Notes of a Son and Brother by Henry James
  16. The amount of lubrication required depends upon the degree of tightness of the piston rings, upon the speed of the piston, upon the amount of pressure of the valve to its seat, and upon the method of operating the side valve. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  17. R58656. The Sinclair law of lubrication – U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1950 January - June by U.S. Copyright Office
  18. The presence of such moisture also interferes with proper cylinder lubrication causes a knocking in the engine and a water hammer in the steam pipes. – Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Co.