Usage examples for looms

  1. Cost looms large, saving seems small. – The Cost of Shelter by Ellen H. Richards
  2. Shafts driving looms may at one time be under the strain of driving all the looms belted from them, but as some looms are stopped the strain on the shaft becomes relaxed, and the torsional strain drives some part of the line ahead, and again retards it when the looms are started up. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. A few looms have been set up by Mr. McKeown in a building adjoining the hotel, and tweeds are woven there from yarn spun in the neighbourhood, forming a small industry which gives employment to a number of persons; and a few yards farther down the road is a station of the constabulary, and it looked so bright and inviting that I stopped in for a chat with the men. – The Charm of Ireland by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  4. Why, now, confess defeat, when plain in sight Looms the stern peak- to which we've toiled and fought Up many a mountain gorge and soaring height? – The Last West and Paolo's Virginia by G. B. Warren
  5. Plate No. 12 shows two looms made by the children, and the beginning of the rugs they are weaving from their own designs. – Blackboard Drawing by Frederick Whitney
  6. Preston, evidently deep in his calculations about the looms he proposed to buy, had for the moment forgotten Paul's presence and had left him behind. – The Day of Judgment by Joseph Hocking
  7. So the two pretended weavers set up two looms, and affected to work very busily, though in reality they did nothing at all. – Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
  8. There were many high- warp looms, and low- warp as well, in many towns in Flanders and France, and there were also beginnings in Spain, England and Germany. – The Tapestry Book by Helen Churchill Candee
  9. It were wheer I could just see Betty at her looms. – Lancashire Idylls (1898) by Marshall Mather
  10. I can depend upon my looms not to go on strike. – Shorty McCabe on the Job by Sewell Ford
  11. Other girls took up the lines, and soon the glorious song was ringing above the noise of all the looms. – The Story of Our Hymns by Ernest Edwin Ryden
  12. There looms up before you- like a bare mountain in its majesty- the great elemental world- fact, the death- grapple of the will with circumstance. – The Journal of Arthur Stirling "The Valley of the Shadow" by Upton Sinclair
  13. The necessity of living looms large before you." – An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids by Anthony Trollope
  14. The looms are the thing, of course, so must be considered first, although much preparing is done before their work can be begun. – The Tapestry Book by Helen Churchill Candee
  15. She must have cast about it a look of delicate inquiry- as a woman is apt to do in a singleman's abode; for when she came again, in addition to pieces of soft old linen for bandages brought fresh cool fragrant sheets- the work of her own looms; a better pillow with a pillow- case on it that was delicious to his cheek; for he had his weakness about clean, white linen. – The-Choir-Invisible by Allen, James Lane
  16. This table, with its machinery, can be bought wherever looms and loom supplies are kept, at a cost of from seven to eight dollars. – How to make rugs by Candace Wheeler
  17. What old ruin looms yonder? – Harold, Complete The Last Of The Saxon Kings by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  18. They then set about to arrange their looms, to select their threads, and to begin work. – A Child's Story Garden by Compiled by Elizabeth Heber
  19. They tell us that if our faculties were less dull we should hear in every stem and twig and blade of grass the throbbing of the engines and the whir and clatter of the looms which go on day and night unceasingly. – Windyridge by W. Riley
  20. At each mile that carries him nearer and nearer his goal, his own unreason looms ever immenser and yet immenser before him. – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton