Usage examples for located

  1. On enquiry, she found that she had met with a wooden frog in the trifle, and on further search, some more of my unlucky animals were found located among the sweet dishes. – Tales of the Toys, Told by Themselves by Frances Freeling Broderip
  2. Timber- to be taken, if wanted for government purposes, wherever found growing on grounds located by the crown to individuals. – The Present Picture of New South Wales (1811) by David Dickinson Mann
  3. The church which I have mentioned as the only one located east of the centre, was in a very prosperous condition. – History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years, and Life of Chauncey Jerome by Chauncey Jerome
  4. They have been located where page breaks occurred in the original book. – Catholic Churchmen in Science by James J. Walsh
  5. It is located here, behind the door. – The Mystery of the Locks by Edgar Watson Howe