Definitions of literature

  1. published writings in a particular style on a particular subject; " the technical literature"; " one aspect of Waterloo has not yet been treated in the literature"
  2. the humanistic study of a body of literature; " he took a course in French literature"
  3. creative writing of recognized artistic value
  4. the humanistic study of a body of literature; " he took a course in Russian lit"
  5. Learning; acquaintance with letters or books.
  6. The collective body of literary productions, embracing the entire results of knowledge and fancy preserved in writing; also, the whole body of literary productions or writings upon a given subject, or in reference to a particular science or branch of knowledge, or of a given country or period; as, the literature of Biblical criticism; the literature of chemistry.
  7. The class of writings distinguished for beauty of style or expression, as poetry, essays, or history, in distinction from scientific treatises and works which contain positive knowledge; belles- lettres.
  8. The occupation, profession, or business of doing literary work.
  9. The science of letters or what is written: the whole body of literary compositions in any language, or on a given subject: all literary productions except those relating to positive science and art, usually confined, however, to the belles- lettres.
  10. Science of letters or learning; body of literary works.
  11. Written or printed works of superior merit; learning.
  12. Acquaintance with books; the collective body of literary productions of a country or an age, in general or in some special department; in a special sense, that body of literary compositions which, to the exclusion of merely philosophical, scientific, and technical works, are occupied mainly with that which is spiritual in its nature and imaginative in its form, whether in the world of fact or the world of fiction; the profession of letters; belles letters.
  13. Written compositions, except those on science or art; writings or productions on a given subject; acquaintance with books; learning.

Usage examples for literature

  1. He left no form of literature exactly as he found it. – Oscar Wilde A Critical Study by Arthur Ransome
  2. Indeed, the young people of Cleveland need to enter into a far wider range of such literature than is the case at present. – What the Schools Teach and Might Teach by John Franklin Bobbitt
  3. Nowhere in literature is the truth about servants better told. – Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens by G. K. Chesterton
  4. All the great things are done by men- in war, in science, in discovery, even in art and literature, though a few women may equal them there. – Betty Trevor by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey
  5. We have seen how and why Spanish literature in general found a reception in England. – John Lyly by John Dover Wilson
  6. I have already said that I busied myself somewhat with literature. – Marie by Alexander Pushkin
  7. The simplicity and power of their language are alone sufficient to give them an important place in English literature. – A History of English Prose Fiction by Bayard Tuckerman
  8. He had, indeed, fancied himself for a short time as desiring to adventure among the doubts and iconoclasms which distinguished the literature he had encountered during his college days. – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  9. She rules us in trade, literature, in thought. – Children of the Market Place by Edgar Lee Masters
  10. Busy working man has not time to draw his inspiration from more than one national literature. – James Watt by Andrew Carnegie
  11. And in those days there was absolutely no literature for the people. – Prisoners of Conscience by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  12. Here was literature for the asking. – Sunny Slopes by Ethel Hueston
  13. It also studies the necessary effect of this rising democracy on literature and art, on work and play, on education and religion. – Socialism: Positive and Negative by Robert Rives La Monte
  14. The student of expression should begin at once to make the acquaintance of good literature. – Practical Exercises in English by Huber Gray Buehler
  15. There was not much conversation on literature in my parents' house. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  16. In the world of art and literature many are called but few are chosen. – Analyzing Character by Katherine M. H. Blackford and Arthur Newcomb
  17. I tried to read some of the current literature when I found we were coming, but most of it is over my head. – The Egyptian Cat Mystery by Harold Leland Goodwin
  18. Literature of the day? – The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant
  19. Her letters are famous in the literature of love. – The Friendships of Women by William Rounseville Alger
  20. It might be worth while to shut up the shop one day a week in order to give her some brief talks on literature. – The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley