Definitions of lighten

  1. To flash, as lightning; to grow light or brighter.
  2. To make or become light or lighter; illuminate; enlighten; emit, as a flash of lightning.
  3. To relieve of weight or distress; gladden; becomeless weighty.
  4. To make light or clear; to light; to illuminate; as, to lighten an apartment with lamps or gas; to lighten the streets.
  5. To emit or disclose in, or as in, lightning; to flash out, like lightning.
  6. To free from trouble and fill with joy.
  7. To make lighter, or less heavy; to reduce in weight; to relieve of part of a load or burden; as, to lighten a ship by unloading; to lighten a load or burden.
  8. To make less burdensome or afflictive; to alleviate; as, to lighten the cares of life or the burden of grief.
  9. To make clear or bright; to illumine; make less heavy; to cheer; as, kind words lighten the heart.
  10. To make light or clear: ( fig.) to illuminate with knowledge: ( B.) to free from trouble.
  11. To make lighter or less heavy: to alleviate: to cheer.
  12. To illuminate; to make lighter.
  13. To burst forth or dart, as lightning; to shine with, or like, lightning; to display a flash or flashes of lightning; to flash.
  14. To grow lighter; to become less dark or lowering; to brighten; to clear, as the sky.
  15. To brighten; shine out; flash, as in an electric storm; to become less heavy.
  16. To shine like lightning: to flash: to become less dark.
  17. To grow lighter; flash with light.
  18. make lighter or brighter; " The paint will brighten the room"
  19. To make light; to fill with light; to enlighten; to illuminate with knowledge.
  20. To make lighter; to alleviate; to cheer.
  21. To fill with light; to shine like lightning; to flash; to illuminate.
  22. To make lighter or less heavy; to make less burdensome or afflictive; to cheer; to alleviate.
  23. To fall; to descend.