Definitions of licensee

  1. someone to who a license is granted
  2. someone to whom a license is granted
  3. The person to whom a license is given.

Usage examples for licensee

  1. Two copies of every book submitted for publication were to be handed to the licensee one of which he was to keep for future reference. – A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898 by Henry R. Plomer
  2. The advantage to the licensee was that he was required to pay only one fee. – The Invention of the Sewing Machine by Grace Rogers Cooper
  3. 16.- The physician, surgeon, or apothecary not being a licensee where any such is by law required to reside in or visit a licensed house, must in the metropolitan district be approved of by the Commissioners, and in the provincial district by the visiting justices. – Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles by Daniel Hack Tuke
  4. So the scene between the pair of them, the licensee of the place rumoured to be or have been Fitzharris, the famous invincible, and the other, obviously bogus, reminded him forcibly as being on all fours with the confidence trick, supposing, that is, it was prearranged as the lookeron, a student of the human soul if anything, the others seeing least of the game. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  5. 13. Licensor agrees that Licensee shall have the benefit of any more favorable royalty rates that may be hereafter granted to or enjoyed by any other manufacturer of engines other than aircraft engines. – The First Airplane Diesel Engine: Packard Model DR-980 of 1928 by Robert B. Meyer