Definitions of lesson

  1. punishment intended as a warning to others; " they decided to make an example of him"
  2. a task assigned for individual study; " he did the lesson for today"
  3. a unit of instruction; " he took driving lessons"
  4. the significance of a story or event; " the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"
  5. Anything read or recited to a teacher by a pupil or learner; something, as a portion of a book, assigned to a pupil to be studied or learned at one time.
  6. A portion of Scripture read in divine service for instruction; as, here endeth the first lesson.
  7. A severe lecture; reproof; rebuke; warning.
  8. An exercise; a composition serving an educational purpose; a study.
  9. To teach; to instruct.
  10. That which a pupil learns, or repeats, or does for a teacher; instruction given at one time; that which is learned or taught; a portion of scripture read at a church service.
  11. A portion of Scripture read in divine service: that which a pupil learns at a time: a precept or doctrine inculcated: instruction derived from experience: severe lecture.
  12. Portion of a book to be read or learned; instruction; reproof.
  13. An exercise to be learned by a pupil; instruction; reproof; portion of Scripture.
  14. As much as a pupil learns or is taught at one time; anything learned or that may be learned; a portion of Scripture read in divine service; precept; reproof.
  15. That which a pupil learns, repeats, or does at one time; a portion of Scripture read at divine service; reproof; instruction derived from experience.

Usage examples for lesson

  1. Where did you learn this lesson? – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  2. One day is lesson day; the next is play day. – Grand-Daddy Whiskers, M.D. by Nellie M. Leonard
  3. I am going to do to- morrow's lesson in afternoon study hour. – Just Patty by Jean Webster
  4. Now I will give you a lesson. – On the Heels of De Wet by The Intelligence Officer
  5. There are times when we get a lesson from without,- there are others when it must come from within; and Mr. Rollo, who had given the first, was now to see his work finished by the second. – Wych Hazel by Susan and Anna Warner
  6. How long does the lesson last? – Angela's Business by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  7. I hope, Simpkins, he said, that this will be a lesson to you. – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  8. I have learned my lesson, believe me, and I'm no longer a 'gudgeon. – Desert Dust by Edwin L. Sabin
  9. He will be able to read his lesson to Oliver when he comes home. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  10. " We will have another skating lesson to- morrow," he said. – Daddy Takes Us Skating by Howard R. Garis
  11. And here is the lesson for us. – The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit by Ralph Waldo Trine
  12. And then we'll teach him a good lesson. – The Tale of Billy Woodchuck by Arthur Scott Bailey
  13. Will you let me give you a lesson? – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  14. This lesson, then, will help each of you to win, none of you to lose. – The-Choir-Invisible by Allen, James Lane
  15. I'll give you a lesson. – The-Circus-Boys-Across-the-Continent-or-Winning-New-Laurels-on-the-Tanbark by Darlington, Edgar B. P.
  16. Young Van, as the boys called him, had had his lesson. – Eunice by Margaret Murray Robertson
  17. We will give him a lesson. – The Cook's Wedding and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  18. This ought to be a lesson to you. – The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces by John Kendrick Bangs
  19. This time we'll hit hard enough to teach 'em a lesson that will stick awhile." – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  20. I have learned the one bitter lesson of the times. – His Sombre Rivals by E. P. Roe