Usage examples for learned

  1. Since men have learned to work they have no more right to war. – The Attempted Assassination of ex-President Theodore Roosevelt by Oliver Remey Henry Cochems Wheeler Bloodgood
  2. He had already learned that there are very many times when silence is indeed " golden." – The Adventures of a Country Boy at a Country Fair by James Otis
  3. Shall I tell you what I learned from your letter?" – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  4. And this is what we have not yet learned to see. – The Sources Of Religious Insight by Josiah Royce
  5. That was much, but one learned nothing at all." – Bataille De Dames by Eugène Scribe and Ernest Legouvé
  6. The time may come when I shall have to speak that which I have learned, but it is not yet. – Malcolm by George MacDonald
  7. All this she learned from Mike, whom she saw outside. – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton
  8. And no more could be learned from him. – In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  9. Has he learned that the commander- in- chief ought not to fight? – A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3) by Felix Dahn
  10. Then he would have learned that I have no family. – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai
  11. I was away when- when they learned you were here. – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  12. He's never been married and he's learned to pick up after himself. – A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed
  13. Now I've learned, thanks to Vassily Fedotitch. – Virgin Soil by Ivan S. Turgenev
  14. And surely, you to know this plan; for I did it before, as you to have learned. – The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson
  15. I was so glad when I learned you hadn't gone. – The Inside of the Cup, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  16. I know of no one from whom I could learn, from whom I have learned, so I much. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker
  17. And we've all learned something to- night. – The High School Boys' Training Hike by H. Irving Hancock
  18. Also in that time I has learned much. – J. Poindexter, Colored by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb
  19. I have learned something to- day that I never knew before. – Frank Merriwell's Races by Burt L. Standish
  20. That also I have learned. – In Luck at Last by Walter Besant