Definitions of leak

  1. To let water or other liquor into or out of a vessel through a leak. To spring a leak, to open or crack so as to let in water. To leak out, to find vent; to escape privately.
  2. To pass or allow to pass in or out undesignedly, as a liquid.
  3. To let anything, especially a fluid, in or out through a hole or crack, when not intended; to become gradually, often unintentionally, public.
  4. To let any fluid into or out of a vessel through a leak.
  5. To let a fluid in or out; pass through a leak.
  6. tell anonymously; " The news were leaked to the paper"
  7. have an opening that allows light or substances to enter or go out; " The container leaks"
  8. be leaked; " The news leaked out despite his secrecy"
  9. enter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure; " Water leaked out of the can into the backpack"; " Gas leaked into the basement"
  10. A crack, crevice, fissure, or hole which admits water or other fluid, or lets it escape; as, a leak in a roof; a leak in a boat; a leak in a gas pipe.
  11. The entrance or escape of a fluid through a crack, fissure, or other aperture; as, the leak gained on the ship's pumps.
  12. To let a liquid out of any vessel through a hole or defective part; to let water in through a joint or defective part, as a ship leaks.
  13. a euphemism for urination; " he had to take a leak"
  14. soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables caused by fungi
  15. To let water or other fluid in or out through a hole, crevice, etc.; as, the cask leaks; the roof leaks; the boat leaks.
  16. A loss of electricity through imperfect insulation; also, the point at which such loss occurs.
  17. To enter or escape, as a fluid, through a hole, crevice, etc. ; to pass gradually into, or out of, something; - usually with in or out.
  18. A hole or crack which lets anything, especially a fluid, in or out, contrary to intention.
  19. A crack or hole in a vessel through which liquid may pass: the oozing of any fluid through an opening.
  20. Crack or hole that allows fluid to pass.
  21. An opening letting a fluid in or out undersignedly.
  22. Leakage.
  23. A crevice or tissure in a vessel through which liquid may pass; the oozing of a fluid through such.
  24. Leaky.