Usage examples for lament

  1. Marechal, annoyed as he related to me, could do nothing more, and began from that time to lament the death of his master. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 10 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon
  2. Here we lament the ornament of our country, there they mourn the death of him who delighted the human race. – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. Let us lament, O lyre disconsolate: Our wonted music is in tune no more. – Some Forerunners of Italian Opera by William James Henderson
  4. There is indeed much which we lament in the character of our people, and which we would, if it were possible, gladly alter or improve upon. – In the Shadow of Death by P. H. Kritzinger and R. D. McDonald
  5. He might yet be many a time sad, but to lament would be to act as if he were wronged- would be at best weak and foolish! – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  6. Above all, I lament the hard fate of a duke's daughter, whom they have changed into a deer. – Favorite Fairy Tales by Logan Marshall
  7. No, I lament not, though these leaves may fall From the sered branches on the desert plain, Mock'd by the idle winds that waft; and all Life's blooms, its last, in vain! – The Poetical Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. M.P. by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  8. But I did bitterly lament the lack of a little crew. – The Frozen Pirate by W. Clark Russell
  9. The Listener told the Fool of the World, and the Fool began to lament. – Old Peter's Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome
  10. We repudiate them, we lament them. – To Him That Hath A Novel Of The West Of Today by Ralph Connor
  11. I lament the necessity, but I admit it, even though the law does not admit it. – Black Jack by Max Brand
  12. But, on the other hand, there was the awkward certainty that he too would lament making a fool of himself. – The Emancipated by George Gissing
  13. If I should lament any of his acts, it is only when they appear to me to have no resemblance to acts of his. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  14. She began to have an Impression she was for an early Grave, but did not seem to lament it. – Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary by Anne Manning
  15. We might lament this loss more if we did not remember that Shakespeare found our language ample for his needs, and that a considerable number of the old compounds still survive, as home- stead, man- hood, in- sight, break- fast, house- hold, horse- back, ship- man, sea- shore, hand- work, and day- light. – Halleck's New English Literature by Reuben P. Halleck
  16. Your late worthy representative I lament from my heart. – Toronto of Old by Henry Scadding
  17. The best, at best, have little to be proud of, and much to lament over, in the matter of high and honourable impulses. – Lessons in Life, For All Who Will Read Them by T. S. Arthur
  18. I can only lament that the main pillar of our State constitution has already been thrown down by the establishment of universal suffrage. – The American Judiciary by Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD
  19. He is gone, and I shall lament him as long as I live. – The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer-Stanhope v. I. by A. M. W. Stirling (compiler)
  20. I can only lament that it was not enough. – A Christmas Garland by Max Beerbohm