Definitions of label

  1. To affix a label to; to mark with a name, etc.; as, to label a bottle or a package.
  2. To affix in or on a label.
  3. To mark with a slip of paper, etc., showing ownership, contents, etc.; classify.
  4. To affix a label to:- pr. p. labelling; pa. t. and pa. p. labelled.
  5. To mark; designate.
  6. distinguish ( an element or atom) by using a radioactive isotope or an isotope of unusual mass for tracing through chemical reactions
  7. distinguish ( as a compound or molecule) by introducing a labeled atom
  8. To affix a label to.
  9. To attach a label to.
  10. Labeling.
  11. trade name of a company that produces musical recordings; " the artists and repertoire department of a recording label is responsible for finding new talent"
  12. an identifying or descriptive marker that is attached to an object
  13. a radioactive isotope that is used in a compound in order to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction
  14. assign a label to; designate with a label; " These students were labelled ` learning disabled'"
  15. A tassel.
  16. A slip of silk, paper, parchment, etc., affixed to anything, usually by an inscription, the contents, ownership, destination, etc.; as, the label of a bottle or a package.
  17. A slip of ribbon, parchment, etc., attached to a document to hold the appended seal; also, the seal.
  18. A writing annexed by way of addition, as a codicil added to a will.
  19. A barrulet, or, rarely, a bendlet, with pendants, or points, usually three, especially used as a mark of cadency to distinguish an eldest or only son while his father is still living.
  20. A brass rule with sights, formerly used, in connection with a circumferentor, to take altitudes.
  21. In mediaeval art, the representation of a band or scroll containing an inscription.
  22. The name now generally given to the projecting molding by the sides, and over the tops, of openings in mediaeval architecture. It always has a quare form, as in the illustration.
  23. A small slip of paper, etc., attached to anything to show where it is to go, who owns it, etc.
  24. A small slip of writing affixed to anything to denote its contents, ownership, etc.: ( law) a paper annexed to a will, as a codicil: ( her.) a fillet with pendants: ( arch.) the dripstone over a Gothic window or doorway arch.
  25. Slip of paper, & c., with name, title, & c., affixed to anything.
  26. A marked slip, as of paper, affixed to something to show what or whose it is.
  27. A narrow slip of paper, parchment, & c., affixed to anything, denoting its contents, destination, & c., or to attach a seal to; a paper anuexed to a will as a codicil; a fillet, with pendants or points, added to the family arms by an eldest or only son while his father is still living; a long, thin brass rule, with a small sight at one end and a centre- hole at the other, commonly used to take attitudes, & c.; the drip- stone, a projecting moulding over doorways, windows, & c.
  28. A small slip of paper or parchment attached to anything, on which a writing is inscribed to tell its nature or contents, or on which an address is written; a thin brass rule, having a sight at one end, used for taking altitudes; a paper annexed to a will, as a codicil.
  29. Labled.