Definitions of knot

  1. To form knots or joints, as in plants; to knit knots or fringe. See Knit.
  2. To tie in a knot; form knots or joints, as in plants; gather in a knot.
  3. To tie in or with, or form into, a knot or knots; to form a knot on, as a rope; to entangle.
  4. To unite closely; to knit together.
  5. To entangle or perplex; to puzzle.
  6. To tie in a knot; unite firmly or closely.
  7. To tie in a knot: to unite closely.
  8. To tie in a knot.
  9. To form knots or joints, as in a cord, a plant, etc.; to become entangled.
  10. To knit knots for fringe or trimming.
  11. To copulate; - said of toads.
  12. From knots or joints; make knots for fringe.
  13. To form knots or joints: to knit knots for a fringe:- pr. p. knotting; pa. t. and pa. p. knotted.
  14. tie or fasten into a knot
  15. tangle or complicate; " a ravelled story"
  16. To complicate or tie in a knot; to entangle; to perplex; to unite closely.
  17. To tie; to unite; to form knots or joints.
  18. Knotting.
  19. a tight cluster of people or things; " a small knot of women listened to his sermon"
  20. a hard cross- grained round piece of wood in a board where a branch emerged; " the saw buckled when it hit a knot"
  21. a sandpiper that breeds in the arctic and winters in the southern hemisphere
  22. tie or fasten into a knot; " knot the shoelaces"
  23. make into knots; make knots out of; " She knotted der fingers"
  24. A fastening together of the pars or ends of one or more threads, cords, ropes, etc., by any one of various ways of tying or entangling.
  25. A lump or loop formed in a thread, cord, rope. etc., as at the end, by tying or interweaving it upon itself.
  26. An ornamental tie, as of a ribbon.
  27. A bond of union; a connection; a tie.
  28. Something not easily solved; an intricacy; a difficulty; a perplexity; a problem.
  29. A figure the lines of which are interlaced or intricately interwoven, as in embroidery, gardening, etc.
  30. A cluster of persons or things; a collection; a group; a hand; a clique; as, a knot of politicians.
  31. A portion of a branch of a tree that forms a mass of woody fiber running at an angle with the grain of the main stock and making a hard place in the timber. A loose knot is generally the remains of a dead branch of a tree covered by later woody growth.
  32. A protuberant joint in a plant.
  33. The point on which the action of a story depends; the gist of a matter.
  34. A division of the log line, serving to measure the rate of the vessel's motion. Each knot on the line bears the same proportion to a mile that thirty seconds do to an hour. The number of knots which run off from the reel in half a minute, therefore, shows the number of miles the vessel sails in an hour.
  35. A nautical mile, or 6080. 27 feet; as, when a ship goes eight miles an hour, her speed is said to be eight knots.
  36. A kind of epaulet. See Shoulder knot.
  37. A sandpiper ( Tringa canutus), found in the northern parts of all the continents, in summer. It is grayish or ashy above, with the rump and upper tail coverts white, barred with dusky. The lower parts are pale brown, with the flanks and under tail coverts white. When fat it is prized by epicures. Called also dunne.
  38. An interweaving or tying of thread or cord, etc.; anything resembling a knot; entanglement; difficulty; a hard part in a piece of wood; part of a tree where the branches shoot out; a nautical mile or 2, 025 yards; bond of union; group; the red- breasted sandpiper.
  39. A wading bird much resembling a snipe, said in Drayton's Polyolbion to be named from king Canute, with whom it was a favorite article of food.
  40. Anything confusedly fastened or twisted, as threads, etc.: a figure the lines of which are interlaced: a bond of union: a difficulty: a cluster: the part of a tree where a branch shoots out: an epaulet: pad for supporting burdens carried on the head: ( naut.) a division of the log- line, a mile.
  42. A tie; joint of a plant; insertion of a branch.
  43. Knotted, knotty.
  44. A fastening of a rope, cord, or the like, by intertwining. See illus. on preceding page.
  45. An ornamental bow.
  46. A gnarled portion of a tree - trunk, where a branch has grown out; a joint in a stem, as of grass.
  47. A nautical mile.
  48. The complication of a thread or cord, made by tying or interlacing; hard part of wood due to the fibres interlacing; a nodule; a figure, the lines of which frequently interlace each other; difficulty; intricacy; something not easily solved; a bond of association or union; a cluster; a collection; a group, as of persons; a protuberant joint of a plant; a division of the log- line, serving to measure the rate of a vessel's motion, the number of knots which run off from the reel in half a minute showing the number of miles the vessel sails in an hour; a nautical mile, 6080 ft.; an epaulette.
  49. A wading bird of the snipe kind.
  50. A tie; an interweaving or uniting of thread, cord, or rope at one point; any bond of union; a dark hard part in wood; a collection; a group; a small band; a difficulty; something so intricate as not easily to be solved; among seamen, a division of the log- line, so called from the line being divided into equal parts of 50 ft. by pieces of string rove through the strands; the rate at which a ship sails at sea, the rate and distance being measured by the knots run out in half a minute- thus nine knots run out in half a minute denote sailing at the rate of nine nautical miles per hour; a nautical mile; in bot., a swelling in some stems where the attachment of the leaves takes place.
  51. In wood, the base of a branch surrounded by new layers of wood and hardened by pressure; in nuclear- meshwork, the small particles of chromatin where the meshes cross.