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  1. I play Orange County drums. I love those guys. I've got a four piece kit – Travis Barker
  2. On the robot kit I can choose very boring parts or I can choose exciting and interesting parts. That is a reflection of my personality and the kinds of things I am interested in. – Bill Budge
  3. Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit – Billy Connolly
  4. To me, Bill's musical heart is in Earthworks, in the jazz they are playing, in the acoustic kit – Robert Fripp
  5. Whether it be a matter of personal relations within a marriage or political initiatives within a peace process, there is no sure -fire do -it -yourself kit – Seamus Heaney
  6. I like Kit -Kat, unless I'm with four or more people. – Mitch Hedberg
  7. Yeah, my drum programming especially is based on my knowledge of playing a drum kit For the bass too, definitely. It was the first thing that I translated any sort of ideas through. It must have shaped it somehow. – Tom Jenkinson
  8. Ned made a tremendous rattling, at which Bullet took fright, broke his bridle, and dashed off in grand style; and would have stopped all farther negotiations by going home in disgust, had not a traveller arrested him and brought him back; but Kit did not move. – Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
  9. The first time I was in his office was when they called me in to tell me they had changed my name. I had a feeling that if I'd gone along with the name they'd chosen, I'd never be seen again. I'd be swallowed up by that name, because it was a false name: Kit Marlowe. – Kim Novak
  10. I would make my mom buy me the toy doctor kit – Debi Thomas

Usage examples for kit

  1. If you were her uncle, she couldn't love you more, Kit – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  2. But how about your kit – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths
  3. I wrote to Kit this morning,- I was afraid to write to you,- and she was very good to me. – Rossmoyne by Unknown
  4. Moreover, there was Kit the old bay mare, also shabby but willing. – The Jonathan Papers by Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris
  5. Desmond went straight upstairs to his room to put his kit together. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams
  6. I was travelling with all my kit of course and I was learning how to stow it without interfering with other passengers. – Coming of Age: 1939-1946 by John Cox
  7. Immediately above the dressing- table I observed a large portrait of Colonel Menendez dressed as I had imagined he should be dressed when I had first set eyes on him, in tropical riding kit and holding a broad- brimmed hat in his hand. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  8. Poor little Kit I wonder what she's doin' now. – Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories by Louisa M. Alcott
  9. " Don't be silly and make such a fuss over nothing, Kit – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  10. July 25 and 26: Busy with my carpenter's kit in the Commander's cabin and elsewhere. – A Negro Explorer at the North Pole by Matthew A. Henson Commentator: Robert E. Peary Booker T. Washington
  11. I'm off now to interview Madam Tufton and bring back her husband's kit – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  12. Let's have a drink, Kit fer old times. – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  13. To Scupham he wrote- " Collect all the kit you can and come up to the battery at once. – Servants of the Guns by Jeffery E. Jeffery
  14. My first public action was to give away Phyllis Gedge in marriage to Randall Holmes- Randall Holmes in the decent kit of an officer and a gentleman. – The Red Planet by William J. Locke
  15. Do you know what the whole kit and biling is so busy about? – The Golden Bird by Maria Thompson Daviess
  16. 6. Thou shalt not steal thy comrade's kit – Private Peat by Harold R. Peat
  17. I'll take them traps and that bag if ye don't mind, and he relieved me of my sketch- kit and bag. – The Underdog by F. Hopkinson Smith
  18. Oh, Kit you should have seen the show the other night. – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm
  19. Ye got any more o' hit, Kit – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  20. The Duke came quietly into the hall, dressed in a heavy motor- coat, his motor- cap on his head, and carrying a kit bag in his hand. – Arsene Lupin by Edgar Jepson Maurice Leblanc

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