Definitions of king

  1.   ( chess) the weakest but the most important piece
  2.   The chief ruler or sovereign of a nation; the monarch; the chief; a card having the picture of a king; the chief piece in the game of chess.
  3.   a competitor who holds a preeminent position
  4.   ( chess) the weakest but the most important chessman
  5.   ( checkers) a checker that has been moved to the opponent's first row where it is promoted to a piece that is free to move either forward or backward
  6.   United States guitar player and singer of the blues ( born in 1925)
  7.   a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
  8.   The chief piece in the game of chess.
  9.   A monarch; sovereign.
  10.   United States Baptist minister and charismatic civil rights leader who campaigned against the segregation of Blacks ( 1929- 1968)
  11.   The title of two historical books in the Old Testament.
  12.   United States charismatic civil rights leader and Baptist minister who campaigned against the segregation of Blacks ( 1929- 1968)
  13.   United States woman tennis player ( born in 1943)
  14.   A playing card having the picture of a king; as, the king of diamonds.
  15.   To supply with a king or to make royal. King at arms, an officer whose business is to direct the heralds, preside at their chapters, and to have the jurisdiction of armory.
  16.   preeminence in a particular category or group or field; " the lion is the king of beasts"
  17.   To supply with a king; to make a king of; to raise to royalty.
  18.   A Chinese musical instrument, consisting of resonant stones or metal plates, arranged according to their tones in a frame of wood, and struck with a hammer.
  19.   One who, or that which, holds a supreme position or rank; a chief among competitors; as, a railroad king; a money king; the king of the lobby; the king of beasts.
  20.   A crowned man in the game of draughts.
  22.   one of the four playing cards in a deck bearing the picture of a king
  23.   a checker that has been moved to the opponent's first row where it is promoted to a piece that is free to move either forward or backward
  24.   a very wealthy or powerful businessman; " an oil baron"
  25.   A chief ruler; a sovereign; one invested with supreme authority over a nation, country, or tribe, usually by hereditary succession; a monarch; a prince.
  26.   The sovereign male ruler of a kingdom; a leader; chief; head.
  27.   The ruler of a nation; a sovereign.
  28.   A male sovereign or ruler; in chess, cards, etc., a piece or card representing a king.
  29.   The chief ruler of a nation: a monarch: a card having the picture of a king: the most important piece in chess:- fem. QUEEN.

Quotes of king

  1. In The Name of the King is the right title. To be honest, I don't know who had the final idea for the title but I liked it and it has a strong connection to the movie's story. – Uwe Boll
  2. All Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. King for his bravery and commitment to civil rights and nonviolence that changed this nation- and world- for the better. – Eliot Engel
  3. David wasn't thinking of being king when he was tending sheep; he was just doing what God sat before him. – John Fisher
  4. I'm not a big blues fan, but I don't know anyone who doesn't dig B. B. King – Maurice Gibb
  5. In Spain there's the king and then there's Antonio. – Melanie Griffith
  6. Ah, if I were not king I should lose my temper. – Louis XIV
  7. He took me from not being able to write a word in terms of writing screenplays to being the king of wooden dialogue. – George Lucas
  8. The ideals and principles for which Dr King fought have never been forgotten and are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. – George Lucas
  9. There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self respect, or his self -confidence. He is still a King – Orison Swett Marden
  10. I did Our Daily Bread for King and that made me popular in the Soviet Union; King was amused by that. – Karen Morley
  11. Be cautious of playing your Queen in front of your King and in subjecting yourself to a discovered check. It is better when check is given to your King to interpose a man that attacks the checking Piece than with one that does not. – Howard Staunton
  12. The day of the sun is like the day of a king It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening. – Wallace Stevens
  13. I will, proudly and by preference, do at least one picture a year for King Brothers, and I will try to make it the best picture that I have it in me to do. – Dalton Trumbo
  14. Well, the Empire State was about 40' high in the studio. King Kong was a little model about 2' high, and the scenery that he worked in was in proportion to his size. – Fay Wray
  15. A king should die on his feet. – Louis XVIII

Usage examples for king

  1. It were not well that the king heard that word, but a true word it is. ” – A Boy's Ride by Gulielma Zollinger
  2. In this Government the King is at the head of everything. ” – Maxims And Opinions Of Field-Marshal His Grace The Duke Of Wellington, Selected From His Writings And Speeches During A Public Life Of More Than Half A Century by Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
  3. The little king now that the handkerchief was over his face, opened his eyes, and looked through it, to see what his dear queen would be doing now. ” – The Field of Clover by Laurence Housman
  4. There was no king in Israel; every man did that which was right in his own eyes. ” – Training the Teacher by A. F. Schauffler Antoinette Abernethy Lamoreaux Martin G. Brumbaugh Marion Lawrance
  5. You wrong the King – The Lighted Match by Charles Neville Buck
  6. “ " I'll watch it," said King – The Circuit Riders by R. C. FitzPatrick
  7. The king began to be anxious. ” – American Fairy Tales by L. Frank Baum
  8. Give this to the King – The Scarlet Banner by Felix Dahn
  9. He sendeth little dreams to the poor man and to The King – The Gods of Pegana by Lord Dunsany [Edward J. M. D. Plunkett]
  10. Yes, of a king – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  11. “ No one, not even the king himself, has the right to take her! ” – The Minute Boys of York Town by James Otis
  12. “ I have seen the King in London and he is a fine gentleman." ” – Simon Dale by Anthony Hope
  13. She did not believe the King was dead. ” – The Gods are Athirst by Anatole France
  14. Since then the country is without a King – French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France by Marie de France
  15. The King was still more glad than the captain. ” – Favorite Fairy Tales by Logan Marshall
  16. He then had everything done for them that a just king could do. ” – Fifty Fabulous Fables by Lida Brown McMurry
  17. Let the king send help to his country. ” – Patriarchal Palestine by Archibald Henry Sayce
  18. “ A king of words! ” – Hereward, The Last of the English by Charles Kingsley
  19. “ I suppose you think that the king will come over? ” – The Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat
  20. “ " I'm going to Donard, too," said Miss King – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham

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