Usage examples for khat

  1. When the simple meal was ended, he plucked a little sprig of leaves from the khat plant in the bowl, and thrust them into his mouth. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England
  2. The king who had this stupendous idea, and caused it to be carried out, said to some inspired sculptor, 'Make for me from the rock of the desert, a portrait, not of me as I am seen by men, in my mortal part or Khat, for that can be placed elsewhere; but an image of my real self, my soul or Ka, looking past the small things of this world into eternity, which lies beyond this desert and all deserts. – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  3. There it is the term in every- day use for any rough bedstead, such as the natives sleep on and call a khat. – Concerning Animals and Other Matters by E.H. Aitken, (AKA Edward Hamilton)
  4. " Those are the leaves of the khat bush," was the response. – Around the World in Ten Days by Chelsea Curtis Fraser