Definitions of kept

  1. ( especially of promises or contracts) not violated or disregarded; " unbroken promises"; " promises kept"
  2. of Keep
  3. Past tense and past participle of KEEP.
  4. Imp. & pp. of KEEP, v.
  5. Held; maintained; supported.
  6. Of keep, which see.

Usage examples for kept

  1. Just now he must be kept quiet. – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  2. I kept silence, they say. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  3. " Bibbs might 'a' kept goin' on over there the rest of his life, moonin' on and on, but what he heard Sibyl say did one big thing, anyway. – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington
  4. " Yes, sire, I kept it," said Marguerite. – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas
  5. " You've kept your time," said Aunt Hepsy well pleased. – Thankful Rest by Annie S. Swan
  6. And they kept their resolution. – The Eagle's Nest by S. E. Cartwright
  7. I am yours, the eyes kept saying. – Pagan Passions by Gordon Randall Garrett Laurence Mark Janifer
  8. You have kept us waiting a long time, Mr. Croyden. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott
  9. Schroepfel kept his word. – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  10. Couldn't He have kept him? – Sweet Cicely Or Josiah Allen as a Politician by Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley)
  11. If he had kept out of things which he did not understand, the fool! – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  12. Trafford kept on saying. – Marriage by H. G. Wells
  13. What has kept you?" – Their Silver Wedding Journey by William Dean Howells
  14. Me an' my husband kept up th' place while he was gone. – Palos of the Dog Star Pack by J. U. Giesy
  15. I've kept it for you,- as far as I knew it. – The Red Symbol by John Ironside
  16. They might have kept him if they knew. – The Mountain Girl by Payne Erskine
  17. While she spoke she kept her eyes on her father. – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  18. I made a promise and I have kept it. – Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope
  19. One of them kept a- comin' and a- comin'. – Watch Yourself Go By by Al. G. Field
  20. He took it in his own and kept it a moment. – The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance by Marie Corelli