Usage examples for keeps

  1. If he has, he keeps it to himself, and he and I never refer to it. – The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
  2. Almost every one; that's how she keeps going at such a rate. – The Happiest Time of Their Lives by Alice Duer Miller
  3. Even here, however, the piece still keeps the Chaucerian form and manner, and is only a kind of exercise. – A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature by George Saintsbury
  4. L stands for Labor, which is always well spent, If it keeps Mr. Fly from enjoying content. – Keep-Well Stories for Little Folks by May Farinholt-Jones
  5. Mrs. Macdonnell keeps asking him to clear out, but he always says there is no hurry, and that he will wait until she is better. – The Adventure League by Hilda T. Skae
  6. Guess we'll need it all right if this keeps on. – The Bobbsey Twins in the Country by Laura Lee Hope
  7. Is that what keeps you awake?" – The Seaboard Parish, Complete by George MacDonald
  8. I can't imagine what keeps her, though I suppose they have a great deal to talk over!" – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  9. Is a man a gentleman, if he keeps a servant? – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins
  10. But it's all because your cousin keeps you so close to work. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  11. " If he keeps on in this way," he murmured, " he will be a greater man than I; his name will be remembered and mine will be forgotten." – Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year by E.C. Hartwell
  12. Keeps 'The Cutlers' Arms, ' in Black Street." – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  13. My work here keeps me too busy. – Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera or, Thrilling Adventures while taking Moving Pictures by Victor Appleton
  14. The Romanite keeps best. – The Apple by Various
  15. The longer he keeps silent, the heavier will be his punishment. – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  16. The rest is all so nice and dull, that it keeps us awake all day. – Queer Stories for Boys and Girls by Edward Eggleston
  17. She'll know what that means; and if she keeps me waitin it'll be worse. – Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw
  18. Well, I guess we've no use for that while Esmond keeps his head, and the one question is what we're going to eat. – Delilah of the Snows by Harold Bindloss
  19. I s'pose it's wicked to feel such things on Sunday, but, somehow, what she said keeps making me so bad that I know I hate her, and I guess I hate Mr. Guy! – Aikenside by Mary J. Holmes
  20. I feel as if it ought to be midnight now; nothing but the thought of the piggywigs keeps me out of bed. – The Whirligig of Time by Wayland Wells Williams