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2006 - WordNet 3.0
By Princeton University
2011 - English Dictionary Database
By DataStellar Co., Ltd
2010 - New Age Dictionary Database
By Oddity Software
1913 - Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
By Noah Webster.
1920 - A practical medical dictionary.
By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop
1914 - Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language
By Nuttall, P.Austin.
1874 - Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language
By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H.
  • Potash, Potassa- k, Acetas, Potassae acetas- k. Aeratum, Potassae carbonas- k. Bichromicum, Potassae bichromas- k. Causticum, Potassa fusa- k. Causticum cum calce, Potassa cum calce- k. Chloricum, Potassae murias hyperoxygenatus- k. Chromicum acidum, Potassae bichromas- k. Chromicum flavum, Potassae bichromas- k. Chromicum rubrum, Potassae bichromas- k. Chromicum neutrale, Potassae chromas- k. Hydriodinicum, see Potassae hydriodas- k. Inermis, see Salsola kali- k. Nitricum, Potassae nitras- k. Qxalicum acidulum, Potassa, oxalate of- k. Praeparatum, Potassae subcarbonas- k. Praeparatum e tartaro, see Potash- k. Purum, Potassa fusa- k. Soda, see Salsola kali- k. Spinosum cochleatum, Salsola kali- k. Subcarbonas, Potassae subcarbonas- k. Sulphas, Potassse sulphas- k. Sulphuricum, Potassae sulphas- k. Sulphuretum, Potassae sulphuretum- k. Tartarizatum, Potassae tartras- k. e Tartaro, see Potash- k. Vitriolatum, Potassae sulphas.
1846 - Medical lexicon: a dictionary of medical science
By Robley Dunglison
1898 - American pocket medical dictionary
By Willam Alexander Newman Dorland
1916 - Appleton's medical dictionary
By Smith Ely Jelliffe
1871 - The Cabinet Dictionary of the English Language

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