Usage examples for jupiter

  1. " It's obvious that ten men aren't going on to Saturn- you'll have to turn back, or head for Jupiter. – Let'em Breathe Space by Lester del Rey
  2. You see, Jupiter Tonans was good enough to come to- day on purpose to deliver me- one evil for another! – The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, Vol. 1 (of 2) 1845-1846 by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett
  3. " My dear master," said de Beze, in a tender voice, taking Calvin's hand and kissing it, " Jupiter thunders, but he knows how to smile." – Catherine de' Medici by Honore de Balzac
  4. He was far more of Othello's opinion than Congreve's in such matters; and declared, that he would not have shared his mistress' good- will with Jupiter himself. – Stories from the Italian Poets: With Lives of the Writers, Vol. 2 by Leigh Hunt
  5. For I am confident, yea, I am confident, that Jupiter will grant me this boon, so as to release thee from these pangs of thine. – Prometheus Bound and Seven Against Thebes by Aeschylus
  6. Upon the earth, and on the children of men who were as gods in their knowledge and mastery of the force of fire, Jupiter had had his revenge. – A Book of Myths by Jean Lang
  7. In the perplexity which I have described, the Roman women went, some to other temples, but the greater part, and the ladies of highest rank, to the altar of Jupiter Capitolinus. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh
  8. His dream was a peaceful union of the strength and science of Jupiter with the beauty and humanity of the Earth. – Giants on the Earth by Sterner St. Paul Meek
  9. How Jupiter slept this first night is quite another thing. – The Grey Woman and other Tales by Mrs. (Elizabeth) Gaskell
  10. If Jupiter transformed himselfe into a Bull, why may it not be that under the shape of this Asse, is hidden the figure of a man, or some power divine? – The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius
  11. Nevil will have to come down on Bevisham in the Jupiter style. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  12. They walked down to the end of the pier, and Reid suddenly pointed:- " By Jupiter!" – Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors: Tales of 1812 by James Barnes
  13. " Yes, by Jupiter; mere play for a man like that," agreed Mr Carlyle, with professional admiration. – Max Carrados by Ernest Bramah
  14. Just outside their windows, only a few leagues off, perhaps only a few miles, lay the radiant planet of the night, but in every respect as far off from the eyes of himself and his companions as if she was hiding at the other side of Jupiter! – All Around the Moon by Jules Verne
  15. So firmly did women assert the authority gained through possession of religious office, that in the reign of Tiberius it was deemed necessary to pass a law that in things sacred the priestess of Jupiter should be subject to her husband. – Roman Women Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries, Volume 2 (of 10) by Alfred Brittain
  16. By Jupiter, I go farther than that! – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  17. We are not inhabitants of Jupiter or Saturn, but human beings to whom nothing that is human is wholly alien. – Collections and Recollections by George William Erskine Russell
  18. Jupiter Ammon, he soliloquized mentally, but she is pretty! – Without a Home by E. P. Roe
  19. David appears as a shepherd and Jupiter also takes a considerable part in the conversation. – Four Plays of Gil Vicente by Gil Vicente