Usage examples for jumbo

  1. Be that as it may, continued Pearson, the native did die and was buried, so that's an end of him, and yonder sits Jumbo eating his breakfast at the camp- fire as if he had done a most virtuous action. – Hunting the Lions by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. " Oh, some Mumbo Jumbo arrangement all his own," I answered. – A Frontier Mystery by Bertram Mitford
  3. Jumbo evidently thinks it's his ghost! – Hunting the Lions by R.M. Ballantyne
  4. The local name of " Jumbo" derives from the fact that this same rolling rock has something of the appearance of an elephant, when viewed from a certain angle. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman
  5. That big jumbo Gordon put his foot on it. – Over the Line by Harold M. Sherman
  6. I am not sure that it is not a hideous idol, a Mumbo Jumbo, a Moloch in whose honour children have still to pass through the fire in the recesses of dark academic groves. – The Upton Letters by Arthur Christopher Benson
  7. " Missed that one, Jumbo," he taunted. – The Huntress by Hulbert Footner
  8. Other seiners, with boats astern and dories on deck, were coming in; jumbo, jib, fore and reefed mainsail generally, and all plunging gloriously with a harbor near at hand. – The Seiners by James B. (James Brendan) Connolly
  9. Until that moment not one of them realized that nearly five hours had elapsed since they first attacked this Jumbo of the sea, so busy had they been every moment of the time in trying to conquer the creature. – Around the World in Ten Days by Chelsea Curtis Fraser
  10. The uninjured " Jumbo," No. 9, again continued to perform its duty. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  11. You make no incantations and engage in no mumbo- jumbo business; you simply look at it for two or three minutes, taking care not to tire yourself, winking as much as you please, but fixing your thought upon whoever it is you wish to see. – Real Ghost Stories by William T. Stead
  12. This was the great machine known as " Jumbo No. 1," which is referred to in the narrative as having been exhibited at the Paris International Electrical Exposition, where it was regarded as the wonder of the electrical world. – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  13. " I seem to recall," Rose Thinker chirped somewhat unkindly, " that dictum was created to answer inquiries after Roger put the famous sculptures- in- miniature artist on 3D and he testified that he always molded his first attempts from Puffybread, one jumbo loaf squeezing down to approximately the size of a peanut." – Bread Overhead by Fritz Reuter Leiber
  14. Poor Jumbo was struck by one of those big puffing animals, of steam and steel and iron, that pull our circus train over the shiny rails. – Umboo, the Elephant by Howard R. Garis
  15. He was asked whether he believed that she recognized Jumbo, and he replied in all seriousness, Of course she did. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  16. I cannot believe that poor Jumbo, coward though he is, would be guilty of such an act. – Hunting the Lions by R.M. Ballantyne
  17. No feat seemed too difficult for Jumbo to attempt that day. – The-Circus-Boys-on-the-Flying-Rings-or-Making-the-Start-in-the-Sawdust-Life by Darlington, Edgar B. P.